Watches On Sale Add Up To Big Savings

Watches On Sale

 Now days there are so many watch brands and combinations that you could, literally change your watch out everyday and never run out of options.  If you’re planning on this pursuing this endeavor…we better locate some watch sales for you. 

I found one of my favorite watch names on sale, Michele.  These watches are well made and come in some really fun designs.  Michele watches have a young, fresh feel, but are sophisticated as well.  The Urban collection offers some big, bold women’s watches in a variety of colors.  I love the MWW02A000284 Urban watch.  It is an all stainless-steel case and is matched with a stylish silver leather bracelet.  It comes with a textured enamel dial, in white and carries the Michele logo.  The Urban Women’s watch normally retails for $395.00, but I located this watch on sale for just over $250.00.

I must be in a metallic mood today, because the next watch I found on sale is the Movado 0605652 Classic Museum Women’s Watch.  Movado watches are sleek and streamline…and usually have some black thrown in, not this version.  This is white hot!  It comes with a white face, stainless-steel dial, and a muted silver leather bracelet.  This has all the classic Movado looks, with a fresh twist.  Normally priced at $595.00, this watch sale offered a big discount…%50 to be exact.  The Movado was selling for $295.00, great watches…great savings.

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