Watches, Watches, And More Watches

Beautiful Watches Galore

Timepieces come in many forms.  The watch has transformed over the years, from merely a way to measure time…to a fashion statement.  Jewelry-makers and designers have put their hats in the ring, and created watches with style and elegance, that really perform with precision accuracy.  Here are a couple of those artistic interpretations highlighted for you.

The Gucci YA068567 Bamboo Women’s Watch is gorgeous.  Gucci, famous designer of jewels, clothing, handbags, and numerous accessories has been very successful in the world of watchmaking.  This women’s watch is a beautiful example of Gucci elegance.  The Gucci 6800 Bamboo Watch series offers several different combinations of materials.  You have the Stainless-steel paired with different colored bamboo bracelets (black, white, bamboo tan, etc.).  Also there is the gold-toned Bamboo women’s watch, and finally (my favorite) the polished stainless-steel case and bracelet, with diamond accents.  This version comes with a Mother-of-Pearl dial and the classic Gucci logo at the top.  Beautiful!

Another Jeweler gone watchmaker is Cartier.  The Cartier watch has always shown style and opulence.  I love the Classic Tank.  Its shape is true Cartier, and this watch comes in so many varieties.  If you like Cartier, you can’t go wrong with the Tank.  Their newest versions are hip and chic, even coming in vibrant colors.

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