Victorinox Watches Blend Practicality and Beauty

Victorinox Woman's Watch is elegant

When I mention Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, you might not immediately think feminine or elegant.  Of course, Victorinox is well known for quality and reliability.  The official watch maker for the Swiss Army has gained a, well-deserved reputation for constructing excellent timepieces.

 The original designs, like the 241369 Officer’s Mecha and the 24695 Infantry mechanical self-winding watch are still popular.  The dark leather strap, stainless-steel case, and black dial featuring the red Victorinox logo, make up the classic Swiss Army Watch.

There is no denying the history and heritage behind this company.  The Victorinox label has meant quality craftsmanship since their beginning.  I mean, these are serious watches, crafted with performance and practicality in mind, but Victorinox recognizes that you don’t have to give up quality to add luxury.

With the addition of their ladies watches, Victorinox has, once again demonstrated their innovative roots.  The Chrono Classic Lady is a beautiful and highly functional timepiece.  The 241257 Chrono Classic Lady is all Swiss quartz movement, with a stainless-steel case.  The face is genuine mother-of-pearl and comes in soft shades of white, powder blue, and pale pink.  The strap on the Victorinox Chrono Classic Lady is made from super-soft white lamb leather that feels supple on your wrist.  This watch is even offered in a diamond version!  Talk about feminine and elegant, this watch has all of that, and more.  Everything that Victorinox stands for has been put into this watch. 

So ladies, don’t be scared off by the Swiss Army label.  Check out their exceptional line of woman’s watches today.  They are like the perfect marriage of technology and style.

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