Victorinox Swiss Army, What’s In A Name

Victorinox Swiss Army

 We all recognize the Victorinox Swiss Army logo when we see it, but did you know how many different lines they have now?  From their original multi-tool Swiss Army Knives, which have been a staple for over 100 years, to Victorinox’s exceptional Cutlery line, with its precision made, high-quality, super sharp and durable cooking knives…the Victorinox Swiss Army name stands for superior value.  The brand has expanded from their roots, to explore fashion as well.  Victorinox Swiss Army now produces really well-made, rugged travel gear, which can actually withstand the demands of travel.  It will take a beating and come out looking great!  In addition to their travel line, they have branched out to areas of fashion and fragrance, pretty smart business.  The Victorinox Swiss Army fashion line includes shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories designed with comfort and durability in mind.  They also offer layering options and insulators, excellent for travel and sporting events. Victorinox Swiss Army fragrance line is made for both men and women.  They are a combination of fresh and clean scents that make you smell like you’ve just stepped out of the shower.  I’d say that Victorinox Swiss Army has made quite a name for themselves.  So much so, that we have trust in the products that display that name,  way to go Victorinox Swiss Army!

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