Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater a Great Escape

Do you ever wish you could on a mini adventure whenever life gets to be too much? Now, Ulysse Nardin watches make it that much easier to escape with their Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater.

If you’re feeling trapped by the pressures of life, the mini safari in the Jaquemarts Minute Repeater will help you. The most eye-catching element is, of course, the dial. With two cloisonné dials which add depth to the piece and give it a 3-D appearance, the watch really draws you into the world of the safari.
Part of the Minute Repeater Series, the Safari Jaquemarts watch takes all of the intricate artistry and matches it with power mechanics. Ulysse Nardin watches have always been known for their unique artistic design within its watches, but the brand truly outdoes itself in this case.

The watch features the bright greens of nature, pulled apart to reveal a lion, an elephant, a flamingo, an alligator, a monkey, and a giraffe. If you look closely, you’ll even see a tiny fish trapped within the alligator’s jaws. All of the images are beautifully captured with brilliant colors, while the enamel gives a soft glow to the piece.
Not only is this watch beautifully crafted with cloisonné dials and bright jewel tones, but the watch features a fun interaction between the animals, as well. When the minute repeater is activated, the lion’s paw stretches out to catch the monkey, who swings back and forth.

The case is just as beautifully crafted as the dial with 18k rose gold or platinum and is offset with a beautiful alligator leather strap, available in several different colors. The tasteful, yet fun combination of colors all work together to create a frame for the images in the dial.
Ulysse Nardin knows that there’s more to substance than just a pretty face—it’s also what’ behind it. Luckily, the watch is just as beautifully made on the inside as it is on the outside. The timepiece features manual UN-72 movement with up to 36 hours of power reserve and a water resistance of up to 30 meters.
This watch is truly unique. Not only do you get Ulysse Nardin’s standards of excellence in your timepiece, but you can also carry a mini menagerie with you wherever you go. Not matter what your plans are this summer; you can always make an escape with the Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater.

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