Two Piaget Watches for the Price of One?

Piaget is introducing a new luxury watch called the Piaget Limelight Twice. The word “twice” is used because the watch features an asymmetrical two face design that allows each face to display a different time zone. The Limelight is all around, a brand new creation; as it also features a hidden time-setting push-button function, a new case, and a new bracelet concept. Priced at $58,000 some say that for all that you get, it’s worth the price.

There are three styles of this new watch: two come with a black satin strap, while the crème de la crème version comes in a white gold and diamond chain (six all interconnected) bracelet. This Haute Joaillerie model has a total of 680 brilliant cut diamonds. The watch case is crafted from 18k white gold and has a hidden time adjuster that allows for the watch to be set to two different time zones. The dials are all off-centered and honestly, not that easy to read, but definitely pretty to look at.  The two faces of the Piaget Limelight Twice give it a daytime and nighttime side, a sort of reversible watch so to speak.

The Limelight Twice was made to be worn by those women who like to be in the limelight – take center stage – and be checked out. Known for making blinged out women’s watches, Piaget is hoping to market this new ultra-deluxe watch to those who can afford the price tag and who like to be seen. Take Victoria Beckham for example, she likes to make a strong fashion statement, is frequently in the limelight, and has been snapped wearing Piaget watches before.

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