Top Bvlgari Watches to Purchase

 Italian design and classical aesthetics have always been an inherent part of the Bvlgari Watch Company’s interpretation of beauty. The designer brand’s watches feature smooth chic lines that challenge visual conformity and are reminiscing of Italian renaissance. The luxury watch manufacturer employs the same creativity and passion when manufacturing designer timepieces as it does in its perfumes, jewelry, scarves and fashion accessories.


    1) The flagship Bvlgari timepiece that launched Bvlgari’s debut in the international watch industry was the “Bvlgari Bvlgari.” This distinctively elegant timepiece was introduced in 1980 and quickly became an overnight international success. The designer timepiece boldly carries the BVLGRI logo engraved on the circumference of its perfectly cylindrical bezel. The watch is available with a quartz chronograph function that boasts 24 jewels.


  • Bvlgari Grande Complication
    Bvlgari Grande Complication

    2) The Bvlgari Grande Complication AA48PLTBSK/N is an outstanding work of talented craftsmanship and horologic engineering. The grand scale complexity of this timepiece’s movement features a day, date and leap year perpetual self-winding calendar. The tourbillion movement also has a 24 hour GMT function. The entire dial is transparent, which allows users to witness every single one of the tourbillion’s 26,600 vibrations per hour.



  • Grande Complication
    Grande Complication

    3) Bvlgari Grande Complication BB40C6PLTB has an impressive movement that counteracts the forces of gravity which hinder a luxury watch’s precision. The movement is designed to transfer energy to different parts of its components to compensate for gravitational forces exerted on it. By dissipating the gravitational stress throughout different parts of its components, the movement ensures longer life and greater precision.


  • Bvlgari Reserve De Marche
    Bvlgari Reserve De Marche

    4) The Bvlgari Masterpiece Reserve De Marche has an incredible 72 hour powers reserve in its caliber BVL131 movement. The masculinity and eloquent design of the watch is empowering. A convenient power reserve marker on the dial allows users to gauge the amount of energy stored in the movement. The extra thin profile of this precision time-keeping instrument is quite incredible considering the movement’s massiv power reserve and double barrel components.

  Bvlgari can truly be considered one of the most important players in the international luxury watch industry. The advancements this Swiss Manufacturer has given the world of fashion and horology have continuously pushed the limits of manufacturing, quality, aesthetic and precision standards.

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