Tissot Watches-Tradition Meets Design

Tissot Watch Company celebrates its 150th birthday.  A premier Swiss watchmaker since 1853, Tissot continues with the tradition of quality that keeps them ticking.  Tissot watches are best known for their innovative styles which continue to delight us today.

I have a couple of favorite designs for men.  The Tissot Quadrato is a handsome watch with bold features.  The Quadrato is all stainless-steel, with a square dial.  I love the functionality of this watch, with day, date and chronograph design.  This watch is elegant and contemporary.  Another great choice is the Tissot Gold pocket-watch.  Tissot was the maker of the first production pocket-watch back in 1853 and the gold version continues to make a sophisticated statement today.  It has character and exudes old-world charm.

I love both of these watches.  They exemplify innovation and tradition, which is what Tissot is all about.  Keeping up with the times, while remaining true to the highest quality craftsmanship has produced long-term success.  Tissot watches continue to impress me, and their styles made of pearl, wood, even rock…show their dedication to design excellence.

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