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Kate Spade – Designer Watches for Any Girl

You have the option of putting down a queen of hearts and risk the chances of losing this game of luck, but why not put down the unexpected? Instead of hearts, choose the queen of spades; a beauty in the making, a card with so much luck, it could win the whole game.

Designer Kate Spade has hit it off with her line of clothing, accessories and so much more.

Kate Spade’s collection of designer watches are elegant with just enough spark and shine to make yourself noticed when walking into a room.

With so many different colors and styles to choose from, it’s engaging for any fashionista or someone looking into buying a gift for a friend or family member. Scrolling through the many options of different watches, it’s difficult not to want to buy more than one.

You might end up with two or a few in front of you, playing a game of ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ in order to decide on just one watch to purchase.

Each watch boasts its own character and stylishness.


Whether you’re a fan of golds, silvers, unique patterns and textures, or of a variety of bright colors, there is a watch for you in the Kate Spade collection; making you stand out and feel as though your watch belongs personally to you.

You can be a girly girl with an eye for anything pink and covered in flicker and flash, a sporty female with comfort on her mind, or someone who is always on the run; no matter how you categorize yourself, Kate Spade has made a watch for you.  Moreover, who says you can only act one way? Go ahead ladies, buy a watch for every type of occasion you see yourself being in.

For a watch you know will last you a good amount of time and will look spectacular, no matter which outfit you pair it with, the price range of the collection is respectable.

Next time you’re wearing a Kate Spade watch and someone asks you for the time, you’ll be able to look at that beautiful new watch and show off the spade that is marked at the 12 o’clock point on each of these gorgeous designer watches.

Let your new lucky symbol be represented by Kate Spade. Wear your new watch with style.

Michael Kors – A Watch for Every Occasion

How do you wear your watch? Does it depend on the season; on the time of day; on the setting in which you’re in; the mood you’re in; there’s a watch that will fit for any occasion. Michael Kors set up his collection of watches on his site in a way where both men and women can pick out the watch they’ve been craving to own. To introduce a quick guide, find the infamous Michael Kors on line and head to the watch section. Although it may seem absolutely necessary to begin your shopping bag right away, first look around at the offered products. Don’t become too overwhelmed by all of the superlative designs, the sparkle and the many choices to choose from. There’s a great section labeled ‘How I Wear My Kors’ leading to three fashion fields many of us can configure ourselves within; Kelly: Preppy Americana, Tracy: Edgy Glamour, and Anna: Luxe Boho. Not going to lie, each of these has a stunning collection that has been put together piece by piece for the perfect outfit for any occasion including a few Kors watches in each section to pick from. Kelly’s Preppy Americana look focuses on Golden Stainless Steel watches, all of which are delicate yet striking, fit for any woman with a playful and hardworking attitude. Tracy’s Edgy Glamour contains the Silver Color Stainless Steel watches and a wardrobe containing leather and print features in the pieces, another beautiful choice for any woman. Last, but not least, Anna’s Luxe Boho look consists of neutral colors, a laid back feel and beautiful Silver Stainless Steel Chronograph watches with just enough glitz and glamour for a boho chic woman. The three categories make it easier if you already have a specific idea in mind for yourself and the watch you’ll be purchasing. However, if time is on your hands, use it to look at the whole Michael Kors watch collection.

Michael Kors turquoise blue watch rubber

Each watch is its own. Whether it contains a more neutral feel or a show-me-off aspect to it, they’re all stylish and chic and well priced as well. You can own one watch or a couple; Michael Kors makes it possible for you to enjoy what you’re sporting, because you won’t be the only one looking at the time on your wrist. The watch you wear should be something you’re proud to show off and something that will catch the eye of anyone around. Fall in love with Michael Kors’ watch collection.


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Fossil: Make Your Watch Suit You

Being a global retailer comes easily to Fossil. They have chosen the route of expanding in their two core businesses; one being a multi-brand watch business.

The Fossil website displays their Press releases, entailing how much the brand has grown over the years, expanding both their name and retailing all over the world.

In October of 2006, “Fossil, Inc. announced that it ha[d] teamed up with the National Football League (NFL) to design, manufacture, market and distribute an official NFL watch collection for men and women featuring all 32 NFL teams” (Reifeiss, 2006). This was an idea that would go beyond connecting to their diverse purchasers. Both the Fossil team and the NFL representatives knew this would be a great idea to come together. The writer of the 2006 press release, Katrin Reifeiss,  stated that “Fossil’s reputation for design and quality make them a perfect fit for our organization” (Reifeiss, 2006).

This collection became available nationwide at select department stores, NFL stores and specialty sports stores, along with the Fossil online website, accessible to anyone, everywhere.

The Fossil watch collection does not disappoint, no matter what type of customer you are or what you are looking for. With their significant variety of different colors and styles, it’s a great compilation to choose from.


The fashionable women’s collection is comprised of Georgia watches, Stella watches, Heather watches, Emma watches, archival watches, Natalie watches, Riley watches, and lastly, Wallace watches.

Scrolling through the women’s watch section, you will find rose gold watches, steel watches, leather watches, gold-tone watches, an exotic leather watch set, neutral watches, white and color watches, ceramic watches and a notable set of interchangeable watches to make your own.

As for the men’s watches, they also have a compilation of watches. Their collections consists of Grant watches, Nate and Gage watches, machine watches, Ansel watches, Decker watches and Dean watches.

Men can also go into the styles section of watches to choose from a variety of leather dress watches, casual watches, steel dress watches, mechanical and sports watches, Roman watches, titanium and ceramic watches and of course the interchangeable watches comparable to the women’s.

Fossil allows for both male and female consumers to be able to find exactly what they are looking for. Whether it be a sporty style, a more feminine or masculine style, or anything in between or outside those lines, you can find a watch to suit you.

Lacoste – Love Your Watch and Help A Cause

Lacoste was the first company to embroider a logo on its clothing.

A change like this in the industry definitely made a mark on compositions of brands and especially on how Lacoste itself was affected from the very beginning.

This little alligator, which represents Lacoste, is marked on all of Rene Lacoste’s merchandise within the designer’s collection.

If you’re looking for something different from all things else on the market, look to this brand to make that difference in how you wear the things you do.

The Lacoste watches are unique in their creative design and the colors and textures used to make them. The person sporting this brand will represent a sense of joy and comfort in how they look and act when wearing their watch. Whether this individual is getting ready to head into the office, enjoy some good company, or go throw the ball around, no matter what occasion, a Lacoste watch is fitting.

The unique and exceptional designs make this brand stand out all together.

Some watches use the inspiration of an American flag in their design, while others imitate the skin of an alligator in their patterns on the bands of the watch and in the face of the watch as well. You can match it to any outfit you have on that day or make it comfortable to wear in any occasion you head off to.

The Goa watch “is a bold statement extra to awaken any outfit” and includes a plastic blue case with the purchase of the watch. It’s fun, colorful, and is meant to be worn anywhere if you’re willing to be fashionable.


The Sienna watch has a very unique design as Lacoste has “interlaced the bracelet with the watch” to make it look like more than just a watch. It’s a twist on the jewelry aspect, making this watch fun to wear with any outfit.

The women’s Rio watch is an “elegant yet sporty timepiece” which is “fresh for Spring featuring a white silicone strap”.

Both men and women can find a watch that they will love to wear every day and will never want to leave the house without.

An excellent feature is that these watches are waterproof, making them that much more efficient to wear and not have to take off every time you come in contact with water.

It’s a must to love what you wear and how you feel wearing it. Support the alligators and buy a Lacoste watch, because “Today, through Save Your Logo, Lacoste contributes to the protection of biodiversity on the planet in its commitment to saving crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and gharials”.

The Luxuriously Lavish Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil Luxe Creations

What’s not to love about Raymond Weil watches?  If you have been searching for a really luxurious timepiece, you’ve come to the perfect place.  Raymond Weil’s Collections range from traditional to the avant-garde…and all points in between.  Their luxury watches, like the Don Giovanni series have elegantly appointed details and immaculate finishes.  The Don Giovanni watches are some of the most popular and well received in their line.  The look of these watches is traditional, but as with all Raymond Weil creations…they have been infused with special and unique design elements, setting them apart from your run of the mill watch.  The faces are primarily rectangular, the shape which most closely represents old world styling, yet the attention to the fine aesthetics of these watches cannot be viewed as antiquated.  These men’s versions are bold and handsome, and make a stylish statement.  Another luxury watch collection from Raymond Weil is the ladies Shine watches.  The Shine Collection combines established design with charming details.  The use of Mother-of-Pearl and tastefully set diamonds helps to make these watches admired.  Raymond Weil offers many fantastic creations in their line of watches.  This company knows elegance and luxury, and they play it up in their beautiful productions.

Discount Watches Are Abundant

Discount Watches

There are plenty of discounted watches on the web to choose from.  Consumers can choose from fashion watches in the $200 range all the way up to high-end designer timepieces which could set you back $10,000, or more.  For today, let’s highlight a few in the $250-$500 spread.

First up is the T-Race Men’s Watch, by Tissot.  Tissot is well-known (and respected) for their high quality watches.  They are masters of timekeeping, so you know you’re getting a finely crafted watch.  This men’s chronograph is made from polished stainless-steel, with a durable rubber strap.  It’s rugged and hard-working looks give off a manly feel.  Tissot has this watch set with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and genuine Swiss movement.  This awesome men’s watch is made for performance, but looks good too…and I found it at a 46% discount.

Next let’s check out something for the ladies.  We located the Classic Museum Woman’s Watch from Movado at a 51% discount.  You can’t go wrong with this woman’s watch.  It is quintessential Movado…sleek lines, streamlined, and beautiful.  This particular version is featured white on white.  The striking white leather bracelet is paired with a bright white face and it works.  All of Movado’s artistry and craftsmanship is in this watch, and at this price it’s hard to pass up.

Check out these and other discount watches on line, today.  Happy shopping!

Discount Watches For Savvy Shoppers

Discount Watches are Quality Finds

Discount watches come in all shapes and sizes.  What Discount means is great, quality watches at reduced prices.  It doesn’t refer to, cheap.  First, let’s understand that retailers discount watches for many reasons.  It may be as simple as the fact that the watch wasn’t as popular as hoped, and there is excess inventory…or they could be trying to pass off a fake.  When purchasing a discounted watch from a third party, make sure you have a way of verifying its authenticity.  Having said that, great deals can be had online and here are a few examples.

I located the 4898 Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph selling for $119.00.  This bold men’s watch is one of the diver’s series and is made in all stainless-steel and durable rubber.  The dial is black and displays luminous minute and second hands.  The dial also features sub-dials and day and date calendar.  The Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph is water resistant to 200 meters.  Great discount watch at an 83% discount from retail.  The website this was found on offers a 30-day money back guarantee.  Not bad.

Ladies are in luck as well.  That same site offered the 96X108 Bulova Crystal Watch and Pendant set for $149.99.  Bulova is well known for their quality and style, and this woman’s watch is particularly stunning.  This discount watch is made from all stainless-steel materials, with a white dial and sparkling crystals encircling the face and making up the bracelet.  This watch is feminine and elegant, and accompanies a beautiful crystal pendant. 

As I said earlier, phenomenal deals on discount watches can be found on the internet.  Just be a savvy shopper and do your research before you buy.  Happy shopping!

Watch Sales Find Omega At Great Prices

Omega Watch Sales are a great find for anyone looking for a fine watch at the best price.  On-line searches of Omega watches can produce substantial savings for a savvy shopper.

A recent sale highlighted several Omega styles such as the Men’s Constellation Perpetual Calendar Steel Yellow-Gold watch for the super sale price of $545.00.  That’s a savings of $295.00 off the list price of $840.00.  The Omega Constellation Perpetual Calendar Steel Yellow-Gold watch is from the Constellation line and is one of Omega’s signature styles.

Another fantastic deal was on the Omega Women’s Constellation Automatic Champagne Gold Cindy Crawford Watch.   The 1292.10.00 Omega Women’s Constellation Automatic Champagne Gold Cindy Crawford Watch is being offered for $465.00, an astounding 33% off the list price of $690.00.

The Omega Constellation series is the cornerstone of Omega design.  Showing off the craftsmanship and attention to style has made Omega the premier watchmakers they are today.  Finding these quality timepieces and incredible prices makes owning one all the more sweet.

Watches Sale Offers Great Deals on Raymond Weil

A luxury watches sale always attracts people that are looking for the best watches at the best price, and with so many more watches being sold online, it’s easy to find a good deal on your favorite watches. All you need to do is some searching.

One such search for a “watches sale” yielded a surprisingly wide variety of Raymond Weil women’s watches, including the popular Tango 5390-STP-00308.  This gracefully crafted watch features a bracelet made of 18-karat gold plated and stainless steel.  Slim and sophisticated on the wrist, the Tango has a white dial, gold-plated case, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  The Raymond Weil Tango is a thoroughly sensual women’s watch and makes a delicately feminine complement to any woman’s wrist.

This particular watches sale offered a 44% discount, which brought the price down from $760.75 to $475.  From the design and assembly to the choices of materials, Raymond Weil is perfect example of Switzerland’s finest watch making skills.  Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the Raymond Weil Company is one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers.

In addition to several other models from luxury watch companies, this watches sale featured popular models from companies like Movado, Tissot, Baume et Mercier, Gucci, Michele and Omega.