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Victorinox Swiss Army, What’s In A Name

Victorinox Swiss Army

 We all recognize the Victorinox Swiss Army logo when we see it, but did you know how many different lines they have now?  From their original multi-tool Swiss Army Knives, which have been a staple for over 100 years, to Victorinox’s exceptional Cutlery line, with its precision made, high-quality, super sharp and durable cooking knives…the Victorinox Swiss Army name stands for superior value.  The brand has expanded from their roots, to explore fashion as well.  Victorinox Swiss Army now produces really well-made, rugged travel gear, which can actually withstand the demands of travel.  It will take a beating and come out looking great!  In addition to their travel line, they have branched out to areas of fashion and fragrance, pretty smart business.  The Victorinox Swiss Army fashion line includes shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories designed with comfort and durability in mind.  They also offer layering options and insulators, excellent for travel and sporting events. Victorinox Swiss Army fragrance line is made for both men and women.  They are a combination of fresh and clean scents that make you smell like you’ve just stepped out of the shower.  I’d say that Victorinox Swiss Army has made quite a name for themselves.  So much so, that we have trust in the products that display that name,  way to go Victorinox Swiss Army!

Victorinox Swiss Army Joins Forces With Susan G. Komen


Victorinox Swiss Army Susan G. Komen Watch

At Victorinox Swiss Army, the buzz is not just about knives and watches…today it’s about charity, as well.  The company is partnering up with the world’s biggest breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen, joining them in their race for a cure.

Victorinox has created a specially designed women’s timepiece, in honor of the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.  10% of the proceeds from this watch will go directly to the Susan G. Komen organization, and a total of at least $50,000 has been promised from the sale.

The Susan G. Komen foundation is dedicated to keeping this fight alive and maintaining energy behind the efforts to find a cure for breast cancer.  Using creative and innovative ways to gain attention to this cause has been the success of the foundation, and Victorinox Swiss Army is a proud participant.

The special edition timepiece is crafted from highly polished stainless-steel.  It has a white face with silver accents, and bears the pink ribbon logo at the 6 o’clock mark.  It will come packaged with a pink silver polishing cloth, a pink ribbon and a certificate of authenticity.  The Victorinox Swiss Army Susan G. Komen for the cure special edition timepiece will be available through the end of May 2010, so hurry.  This is a great watch, at a great price…for a phenomenal cause.

Victorinox Swiss Army Ladies’ “Alliance” Watch

Ladies, if you are looking for a sophisticated and stylish watch that you can wear every day, look no further than the Alliance bracelet watch from Victorinox Swiss Army. This is the kind of watch that is classy enough to be worn to a cocktail party, yet subdued enough to be worn to the office, and it is stunning enough to get noticed wherever you go.

The Alliance bracelet watch combines the utility of the Swiss Army brand with the pure femininity of a piece of fine jewelry. It starts off with a stainless steel bracelet and mother-of-pearl dial, and then adds sparkling diamonds in all the right places. The Victorinox Swiss Army logo is positioned at 12 o’clock, the date window appears at six o’clock, and all of this is topped off with a glare-proof sapphire crystal. Surprisingly, while this is not a sports watch, it is water resistant up to 100 meters and comes with a generous three-year limited warranty.

Many people still associate the Swiss Army name with the company’s famous pocket knives, and while the watches are just as reliable and well-made, they are a lot more style conscious. What really sets these luxurious watches apart is their attention to detail. From the design of the case to the stitching on the top-grain leather straps, Victorinox Swiss Army has designed a stylish collection of watches for both men and women.

A Swiss Army Watch Hits the Road

Anybody selling anything these days will go to any means to get the word and their product out. New, interesting ways; ways that will attract attention and hopefully buyers!

The watch brand Swiss Army did just this; they plastered a huge picture of their “Infantry Vintage Limited Edition” watch on the side of a 34-foot Airstream trailer and hit the road. The trip started in April in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In addition to watches, Swiss Army is most known for making pocketknives, “cutlery”, as they call it and travel gear, like suitcases, but who would have known that they also manufacture clothes and fragrances?

Although it’s the special anniversary watch that brandishes the side of the trailer, the inside was probably packed with all sorts of other products they were advertising as they cruised the country. People were welcome to climb aboard, check out the inventory and then log onto laptops to make the actual purchase.

Not only was this road trip a chance to market their products, it was a chance to tell the Swiss Army story. The company was founded in 1884 when Karl Elsener opened a workshop in, yes, of all places, Switzerland. Seven years later the company took off when it started producing Swiss-made knives for Swiss soldiers, who had up until that point, been carrying knives made in Germany. This “Soldier’s Knife” is what became known around the world as the infamous “Swiss Army knife.”

After this famous knife, Swiss Army is most well-known for making watches and has been making them for a long time, but they are one of the few watch companies that have realized they shouldn’t necessarily differentiate between men’s and women’s watches – as many women prefer to wear men’s watches. Although the company has recently expanded its collection of women’s watches, adding diamonds and even creating a pink watch that benefited breast cancer research for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization, they make many of their watches to be unisex.

If you live in New York, you are welcome, this Saturday, September 5, to join Swiss Army as they sponsor an “Adventures NYC” event in Central Park. From noon to 4PM you can participate in the company’s campfire cook-out challenge, using their famous cooking knives.

Other “less dangerous” activities include trampoline acrobatics, a Jet Blue Climbing Zone, kayaking, obstacle courses and arts and crafts.

What to look for when buying a luxury watch.

You should always look for a good deal, then you should always look for a good vendor. When you buy your first luxury watch, you will be happy. Buying from a good vendor will make you even happier!