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Titan Black & FC Chelsea Create Custom Rolex Daytona Watch

If you are a fan of the Chelsea Football Club, you’ll love the new Titan Black Rolex Daytona custom made for the team. Titan Black and Chelsea FC spent a long time coming up with the perfect Rolex watch. It was created to celebrate the team’s May 2012 Champion League Win in Munich as well as their current UEFA Champion Title.

While not many details of the Rolex Daytona Chelsea FC have been released, we know that it showcases the team’s notorious color of blue. There are three small logo sections within the watch: one of white and blue stars at 9 o’clock, the team’s logo at 6 o’clock and the logo of the UEFA Champion League at 3 o’clock. The simplicity of these small logos and the colors are what really make the watch pop. The face of the watch is white, with the blue in the logos and all watch hands. The minute and hour hands have small cut outs in them. The case and band of the watch are steel colored with a diamond-like coating to make it gleam.custom_titan_black_chelsea_fc_rolex_daytona_marks_london_clubs_first_ever_win_of_uefa_champions_league_3bux2

The Rolex Daytona Chelsea FC should carry the same mechanical specs of other watches in the Rolex Daytona line. This includes beautiful touches like the laser engraved numbers on the bezel and crystal glass protecting the face. The watch has a flip lock bracelet and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It is also an automatic movement so the players won’t have much to think about other than keeping their schedules.

It took Titan Black and Chelsea FC almost a year to design the perfect watch together. It is no doubt now adorning the wrists of everyone on the team, including their coach and board members. Chelsea FC has had a fantastic year and becoming London’s first team to win the Champion League is definitely a reason to celebrate. Titan Black has created a piece that will help spread unity on the team with their Rolex Daytona Chelsea FC.


Written by: Stacy McCullough0,,10268~10871668,00

Authentic Watches Versus Fakes

Authentic Rolex Watches Are Easy To Spot

In this report on Authentic Watches, I thought it would be helpful to throw out some tips for spotting a fake.  The term “authentic” means real, genuine, bona fide, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’ve got the real deal.  Well, I’m here to help.

Let’s start with Rolex.  If you are going to pony up the dough for one of these timepieces, you don’t want to find that you’ve been duped.  First, if the Rolex comes wrapped in a plastic bag, you’re in trouble.  Rolex does not case their watches this way.  Rolex does not make a watch with a see-through backing, and never has.  Rolex micro-etches their logo just below the 6 o’clock mark.  The etching is very small and may not be visible without a magnifying glass.  One of the easiest ways to tell you have a fake is the weight of the watch.  Rolex’s are made from quality materials and are considerably heavier than the copies.  Look at the hand movement, a genuine Rolex will feature a second hand with a smooth, sweeping movement…not a sporadic, jerky tic.  And if all you remember is this last tip, you’re going to be fine.  Check for the case reference numbers engraved on the side of the case, in between the lugs.  These numbers will be finely etched, with smooth precision.

There are a lot of un-reputable people out there, trying to pawn off these fakes.  Be smart and savvy when making a purchase of this magnitude.  Don’t get taken!

Authentic Watches

Authentic watches are classics

Rolex is, arguably the most recognized luxury watchmaker in the world.  Rolex has become a symbol of wealth and success in our culture in the states, and around the world. Wearing one of these coveted watches is a sign that you have arrived, and that status is what many of us dream of.  The Rolex Presidential is worn by many company heads, and signifies to others your position.

Cartier was founded back in 1847 and has remained a premier, quality watchmaker since.  Cartier is sophistication, epitomized. Creating many diverse and beautiful designs, has served Cartier well.  The name stands for luxury and high quality, and the look of these watches is unmistakable.

These timepieces aren’t merely functional, they tell a bit of a story.  They become, very much a part of whom we are…or who we want to portray to the world.  The wrist-watch has become an extension of our personality, and an emblem or our achievements.

Authenticity can take many forms, when we are speaking of watches.  It can come in a very expensive package or in a simple brown box.  To me, authenticity means honest, steadfast, quality.  Many watchmakers today fall into that category.

The authentic watch for you has to be made well, feel and look amazing enough on you to wear everyday, and be matched with your pocket-book.  Be choosy…this is something you’ll have for quite a while.

What to look for when buying a luxury watch.

You should always look for a good deal, then you should always look for a good vendor. When you buy your first luxury watch, you will be happy. Buying from a good vendor will make you even happier!