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Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil’s Desired Designs

Where can you find refinement and modernity in the same design?  Where is elegance of shape paired so perfectly with mechanical design?  One place to find all these aspects and more is in the watch collections from Raymond Weil.  This Swiss watch maker offers innovative styling and exceptional quality.  Every Raymond Weil timepiece undergoes 350 tests and checks, before it gets the Raymond Weil seal of approval.  RW’s Freelancer collection is a line of men’s and women’s watches, with an urban feel.  The architecture blends personality and technology.  The watches in the Freelancer series offer both automatic and mechanical winding movements, plus a stylish appearance.  Check out this men’s Freelancer Large model.  The layering on the dial adds tremendous interest, and the colors pop!  This model is a self winding mechanical chronograph.  It’s sporty, bright yellow accents bring life to the watch face.

Raymond Weil pays close attention to the detailing of their timepieces, which is why their collections are so popular.  The Freelancer is just one of the many styles this Swiss watch maker has to offer.  For a full selection, go to

The Toccata By Raymond Weil, Women’s Choice

Raymond Weil Women's Toccata, Traditionally Chic

It’s no secret that Raymond Weil makes fine watches.  This Swiss watch maker exploded on the scene nearly 40 years ago with one goal in mind…to design and create high quality Swiss watches.  If you are looking for a traditional and elegant women’s watch, look no further than the Raymond Weil Toccata.  The women’s Toccata watch, model 5393-STP-00308 has a fashionable look.  It features a traditional round dial in white, which is accented by 18 carat gold plated Roman numerals.  The bezel is crafted in 18 carat gold plating, and the case is made from strong stainless-steel.  This women’s watch is a Quartz movement and battery operated.  The face offers a date window, placed at the 3 o’clock setting, and arms of 18 carat gold.  The Toccata, like all Raymond Weil timepieces, has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  The Toccata Women’s watch has a relatively small size, with a case diameter of just 35mm, which is perfect for a ladies wrist.  The bracelet on this watch is presented in a two-toned steel and gold plated style.  Of course this watch is all Swiss made, with the stamp to show it.  It is a Raymond Weil and will last and last, along with looking great!  The Toccata makes the perfect choice.

Surprise Dad With a Raymond Weil Watch

Raymond Weil's Don Giovanni For Father's Day

Dad has spent his entire life spoiling you, now it’s time to turn the tables.  Treat him right, with a watch from Raymond Weil. Make this Father’s Day extra special by gifting him one of these quality timepieces.  He will treasure this gift for many years to come, and given the fact that Raymond Weil has so many great designs to choose from, you can rest assured that finding the right one, won’t be a problem.  But…just in case you need a bit of direction, how about the 2672-ST-00209 Don Giovanni Men’s watch?  This is a classically elegant and well made watch.  It features a rectangular dial, which adds to the charming look of this watch.  This Raymond Weil watch comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and a stainless-steel case.  This is an automatic self winding mechanical model, made with all Swiss components.  The Don Giovanni is water resistant to 99 feet, and carries a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.  The bracelet on this handsome men’s watch is finished in a highly polished steel, and is the same width as the dial.  The look is manly and sophisticated, and the Raymond Weil quality is top notch.  Dad will absolutely love this timepiece, and you will gain a sense of satisfaction in knowing you finally get to spoil him.

Make Him Happy With A Raymond Weil Watch

Raymond Weil Traditional Elegance

I think Dad would be really happy if he opened up a Raymond Weil watch box for Father’s Day.  What Dad wouldn’t love one of these traditionally classic timepieces.  The choices are endless and the Raymond Weil name stands for quality and integrity.  This Swiss watch maker has been crafting fine wrist watches for 40 years, and has gained great respect for their designs and their craftsmanship.  One way to go, may be with the Raymond Weil Tradition Collection.  These watches are named Tradition, yet they are anything, but ordinary.  The Tradition line is comprised of watches infused with old world elegance.  The materials used are of the finest quality and are always finished to perfection.  These men’s watches are moderately priced and come in a variety of looks, to suit Dad.  Maybe he is a man who likes the feel of steel.  There are Raymond Weil Tradition watches made entirely of strong polished stainless-steel.  There are other models, featuring leather straps and gold accents.  These watches will let Dad know you love him and respect his sense of style.  Choosing a Raymond Weil men’s watch will tell him that you appreciate quality and value.  Check out the entire line of Raymond Weil watches available at variety watches.

Tradition by Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Tradition Men's Watch

If you treasure old world styling and value quality, you may be interested in the Raymond Weil tradition Men’s watch.  The Tradition, is a timepiece, which one might think your grandfather passed down to you.  It has charm and elegance, only found in vintage pieces, but it’s new!  The Raymond Weil Tradition Men’s watch has a classic round dial styling, which is crafted in ivory.  The Roman numerals, marking the hours are delicately displayed, and the arms are long and slender.  Older watches had the appearance of a shrunken down clock face, and this watch mimics that design.  It has the Raymond Weil name near the 12 o’clock setting and a date window at the 3 o’clock mark.  This men’s watch features a gold, textured bezel, which definitely adds to the charisma of this piece.  Raymond Weil is well known for their classically designed timepieces, as well as their more avant-garde styles, but this watch makes a great fit for you, if you want that period look.  It comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and is matches with a beautiful, black alligator leather strap.  The Raymond Weil Tradition Men’s watch retails for under $400.00, which is a steal for such a fine quality Swiss made watch.

Raymond Weil Cosi Grande

Raymond Weil Jumping Hour Don Giovanni


One of the newest and most innovatively advanced watches from the luxury Swiss watch maker, Raymond Weil has got to be the Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Jumping Hour watch.  The Jumping Hour Watch has a large rectangular dial, surrounded by a highly polished stainless-steel case.  This watch is aesthetically pleasing as well as technologically superior.  The jumping hour movement display creates a unique effect.  This watch is a caliber 1400 RW Automatic mechanical movement, and full of Swiss ingenuity.  It features a disc where the hours of the day are displayed, and every hour the number “jumps” in progression in the window.  The masculine and bold look of this watch is almost overshadowed by its elegance.  Beating with a vibration of 28,800 per hour, the heart of this men’s watch can be seen through the clear sapphire crystal case back.  Raymond Weil’s meticulous attention to every last detail, is evident in the Don Giovanni Cosi Grande.  One look and you can determine that this watch was made by incredible master craftsmen.  The strap of the Jumping Hour watch is in either a polished stainless-steel or rich leather, which has been saddle stitched.  It is a real man’s watch, and makes a commanding statement.

The Luxuriously Lavish Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil Luxe Creations

What’s not to love about Raymond Weil watches?  If you have been searching for a really luxurious timepiece, you’ve come to the perfect place.  Raymond Weil’s Collections range from traditional to the avant-garde…and all points in between.  Their luxury watches, like the Don Giovanni series have elegantly appointed details and immaculate finishes.  The Don Giovanni watches are some of the most popular and well received in their line.  The look of these watches is traditional, but as with all Raymond Weil creations…they have been infused with special and unique design elements, setting them apart from your run of the mill watch.  The faces are primarily rectangular, the shape which most closely represents old world styling, yet the attention to the fine aesthetics of these watches cannot be viewed as antiquated.  These men’s versions are bold and handsome, and make a stylish statement.  Another luxury watch collection from Raymond Weil is the ladies Shine watches.  The Shine Collection combines established design with charming details.  The use of Mother-of-Pearl and tastefully set diamonds helps to make these watches admired.  Raymond Weil offers many fantastic creations in their line of watches.  This company knows elegance and luxury, and they play it up in their beautiful productions.

Raymond Weil’s Ladies Toccata

Raymond Weil's Women's Toccata Watch

Raymond Weil designs vary widely in their looks.  You have the ultra modern versions, and then the traditional.  No matter which styling you prefer, Raymond Weil will never disappoint your need for high quality craftsmanship.  These Swiss watch makers know how to build a fine watch, and have been doing so for quite a few years, now.  This Company is privately owned and operated by the Weil’s, which means they have a vested interest in the success of their creations.  They take every step, from conception through completion seriously, and pay attention to every last detail, with care and consideration.  One of their more traditionally designed timepieces if the Toccata Women’s Watch.  This is a lovely example of RW’s ability to take an old world look and enhance it, with modern technology.  The beauty of the Toccata is evident.  It comes with a round, white dial, adorned by gold Roman numerals and arms.  The date window is tastefully displayed at the 3 o’clock mark, and the case is crafted of 18 carat gold.  The bracelet on this women’s watch is a combination of gold and stainless-steel, and presented in a 7 link chain fashion.  The ladies Toccata is elegant and sophisticated, with a timeless style and appeal, true to Raymond Weil form.

Raymond Weil’s Tiny Tango

Raymond Weil Tango Mini Women's Watch

There’s no getting around the fact that Raymond Weil makes luxurious Swiss watches.  This company knows how to design for both men and women, with flare and style.  The materials used are always top notch, and the finishes are always impeccable.  Raymond Weil goes above and beyond to create the most well made, uniquely beautiful watches on the market.  The Tango Collection is just one of the fabulous lines by these innovative watch makers.  Today let’s look at the Tango Mini women’s watch.  The Tango Mini is a traditionally designed watch from RW.  The rectangular dial is reminiscent of old world crafting, but as with all RW designs, this watch is infused with some added luxury.  The 5971-ST-00658 Tango mini is a small women’s version, created to be understated and chic.  The white rectangular dial is accented by soft, silvery hands and hour markers.  The bezel on this women’s watch is in a polished stainless-steel, with the studded design element thrown in.  Architecturally, this piece looks strong and sound, with an elegant appeal.  The bracelet is a combination of polished and brushed steel finishes, and seamlessly attaches to the watch face.  The look is graceful, but determined.  Raymond Weil makes only Swiss luxury watches.

Raymond Weil Makes Diamonds Shine

Raymond Weil Shine Women's Watch

Raymond Weil’s Shine collection combines luxury and femininity, to produce the most beautiful women’s watches.  This watchmaker has gone above and beyond, in creating the Shine timepieces.  Artistic design and high quality materials are just two of the elements which make the Shine collection stand out.  The 1500-ST3-05383 is a highly polished stainless-steel watch, with an architecturally rectangular dial.  The dial is designed with four large, diamond set numbers, indicative of the quarter hour marks.  The dial on this women’s watch is beautifully finished in luxurious Mother-of-Pearl. The bezel is solid steel, as well and is accented by a set of diamonds at the top and bottom.  The bracelet is a lovely combination of stainless-steel and shantung satin, and is fitted with a folding clasp and a double push system for security.  This women’s timepiece by Raymond Weil is a Quartz movement and lightweight.  The delicate features of this watch, along with the artistic details make it an appealing choice.  The creators of these timepieces are master craftsmen, and this Shine model is a wonderful demonstration of the Raymond Weil technique.  It is a glamorous watch, with a jewelry feel.  The fit is like a well crafted diamond bracelet.  As with all Raymond Weil watches, this one is made by quality crafters, and offers style and elegance.