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Nicole Kidman Wears Omega Watches

Nicole Kidman, Omega Watch Ambassador

Omega watches have long been admired by me.  Omega has distinguished themselves as a solid, high-quality watchmaker, and I appreciate their elegant style as well as their craftsmanship.  Visit the Omega website and you’ll find that I’m not the only fan.  They have high profile Ambassadors, such as George Clooney, Michael Phelps, and Nicole Kidman.


Nicole has been an Omega watch Ambassador since 2005 and proudly wears the Seamaster Planet Ocean.  This beautiful women’s watch comes in either white or black leather strap, with our without chronographic function.  My favorite is the steel yellow-gold watch, with a white leather bracelet.  Gorgeous!

The signature Omega watch logo is displayed in yellow-gold along with the hands and hour/minute arms.  This watch is a Chronometer with a unidirectional rotating bezel.  The dial is embellished with sparkling diamonds that bring life to this watch.  The snow-white crocodile embossed leather bracelet looks amazing with the polished silver and gold-tone accents.

Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean has the classic Omega watch appeal, with a bit of flare. Of course, all of the innovation and quality Swiss watchmaking have gone into this watch, as well.  In this case, beauty and functionality compete.  Great choice, for Nicole…or you.

Oris Watches Are Timeless

Oris Creates Exceptional Timepieces

Oris was founded in the charming city of Holstein in 1904, and continues to create mechanical marvels from this small Swiss town.  Oris manufactures some of the most mechanically advanced timepieces in the world from their ever-evolving factory.  At the heart of their watches lies the red rotor.  This patented piece of equipment is what allowed their watches to go from hand-winding to automatic movement, and the vibrant red color is distinctive to Oris watches.

The Oris lines include the Motor Sport, The Diver, The Aviation, and the Culture series.  Each featuring different esthetics, but all carrying the Oris reputation.  Accuracy reigns supreme for Oris and each of their lines puts that concept first.

The Oris TT3 Chronograph is a boldly handsome watch.  It is made from a multi-piece titanium case and stainless-steel bracelet, with black PVD plating.  It has a dial of black carbon fiber, and formula-one styling.  This watch is black on black and has a very masculine appeal.

One of the watches from the Divers series is the Oris Divers Titan Chronograph.  This amazing watch partners all the features required on a professional divers watch with the functionality of chronographic movement.  Its super-luminous hands are displayed on a jet black dial.  This watch is stainless-steel and titanium, with screw-in security crown, screw-in pushers, and Helium valve.  It is water resistant to, an astounding 3281 ft.

Oris has not been making watches for as long as some of the major Swiss Watchmakers, but they are not behind the times.  They put out real working pieces of machinery.  Oris watches are on the cutting edge of technology and design.  Check out one of their unique creations, today.

Victorinox Watches Blend Practicality and Beauty

Victorinox Woman's Watch is elegant

When I mention Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, you might not immediately think feminine or elegant.  Of course, Victorinox is well known for quality and reliability.  The official watch maker for the Swiss Army has gained a, well-deserved reputation for constructing excellent timepieces.

 The original designs, like the 241369 Officer’s Mecha and the 24695 Infantry mechanical self-winding watch are still popular.  The dark leather strap, stainless-steel case, and black dial featuring the red Victorinox logo, make up the classic Swiss Army Watch.

There is no denying the history and heritage behind this company.  The Victorinox label has meant quality craftsmanship since their beginning.  I mean, these are serious watches, crafted with performance and practicality in mind, but Victorinox recognizes that you don’t have to give up quality to add luxury.

With the addition of their ladies watches, Victorinox has, once again demonstrated their innovative roots.  The Chrono Classic Lady is a beautiful and highly functional timepiece.  The 241257 Chrono Classic Lady is all Swiss quartz movement, with a stainless-steel case.  The face is genuine mother-of-pearl and comes in soft shades of white, powder blue, and pale pink.  The strap on the Victorinox Chrono Classic Lady is made from super-soft white lamb leather that feels supple on your wrist.  This watch is even offered in a diamond version!  Talk about feminine and elegant, this watch has all of that, and more.  Everything that Victorinox stands for has been put into this watch. 

So ladies, don’t be scared off by the Swiss Army label.  Check out their exceptional line of woman’s watches today.  They are like the perfect marriage of technology and style.

Discount Watches For Savvy Shoppers

Discount Watches are Quality Finds

Discount watches come in all shapes and sizes.  What Discount means is great, quality watches at reduced prices.  It doesn’t refer to, cheap.  First, let’s understand that retailers discount watches for many reasons.  It may be as simple as the fact that the watch wasn’t as popular as hoped, and there is excess inventory…or they could be trying to pass off a fake.  When purchasing a discounted watch from a third party, make sure you have a way of verifying its authenticity.  Having said that, great deals can be had online and here are a few examples.

I located the 4898 Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph selling for $119.00.  This bold men’s watch is one of the diver’s series and is made in all stainless-steel and durable rubber.  The dial is black and displays luminous minute and second hands.  The dial also features sub-dials and day and date calendar.  The Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph is water resistant to 200 meters.  Great discount watch at an 83% discount from retail.  The website this was found on offers a 30-day money back guarantee.  Not bad.

Ladies are in luck as well.  That same site offered the 96X108 Bulova Crystal Watch and Pendant set for $149.99.  Bulova is well known for their quality and style, and this woman’s watch is particularly stunning.  This discount watch is made from all stainless-steel materials, with a white dial and sparkling crystals encircling the face and making up the bracelet.  This watch is feminine and elegant, and accompanies a beautiful crystal pendant. 

As I said earlier, phenomenal deals on discount watches can be found on the internet.  Just be a savvy shopper and do your research before you buy.  Happy shopping!

IWC Makes Quality Timepieces

International Watch Company (IWC) has gained unparalleled respect as a premier luxury watchmaker.  The company, founded in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has been wowing us with incredible designs ever since.  IWC’s flawlessly crafted timepieces have been enjoyed by many, and their popularity continues to grow.

IWC is best known for their innovation.  They offer many different styles of chronographic watches, such as the Pilot’s Chronograph, which features three dials for accurate time-telling.  The dials on this watch are bold and easily read.  The Pilot’s Chronograph comes with either a leather strap or stainless-steel.  This men’s watch is both handsome and highly-functional.

International Watch Company is also famous for their diving watches.  The Aquatimer is offered with the needs and wants of the professional diver.  This watch has fantastic under-water visibility and was born from decades of technological innovation. 

And then there is IWC’s Da Vinci line.  The Da Vinci is the most luxurious and sophisticated line of watches, coming in stainless-steel, solid gold and high quality diamonds.  This watch comes with an automatic self-winding movement that IWC developed and is, truly a work of art.

These incredible timepieces will put you back a bit, but they are worth every penny.  The care and craftsmanship that goes into each piece before it is introduced to the public is unmatched.  And if you need a real working watch, like the Pilot or the Aquatimer…the IWC won’t disappoint.  If you, very simply desire a high quality watch made with the utmost care, you cannot go wrong choosing a timepiece from IWC.

Authentic Watches Are Everywhere on the Internet

authentic watchesNormally the domain of fancy jewelry boutiques and high-end department stores, some of the best known names in luxury watch making are now making their timepieces available online.  Authentic watches from such well-known brands as Breitling, Baume et Mercier, Jaeger Le Coultre, Raymond Weil and Movado are enticing luxury watch buyers to buy online.  One reason why these online stores have been so successful in selling luxury watches how easily you can search out the style you want.

Many customers start out on the manufacturer’s web site and search out the watch they want.  Others find their watch in a blog or fashion article and then click on the links to find out how to buy it.  However you end up finding a virtual watch retailer, you will find it is much easier to compare prices and styles from your living room than it would be to visit several luxury boutiques.  The only challenge for the online shopper is making sure that the store is selling authentic watches.

Many replica watchmakers have cropped up over the past several years, which can make it difficult for consumers to be sure they are buying the real thing.  Look for an online watch retailer with impeccable customer reviews, manufacturer’s warranties, and a 30-day money-back return policy, and only buy from a store that sells authentic watches only.

Watches are Getting Bigger as the Dollar Shrinks

Big watchesWhen it comes to watches, especially luxury watches, customers want to get what they pay for.  With the value of the dollar shrinking, many smart watch companies are making their watches bigger.  Even if it is just psychological, the average person still things bigger is better.

Take, for example, the Oris Aviation Big Crown watch.  The name says it all.  This men’s watch features a plexi-domed sapphire crystal over a stainless steel case that measures an impressive 44mm in diameter.  With a wide selection of strap and bracelet options, an automatic winding movement, and a Guilloche anti-reflective black dial, these watches are a great example of an oversized crown.

Another aptly named watch is the Concord C1 Big Date, with a case that measures 44cm in diameter.  Its exacting construction houses over 40 individual parts, including a rubber coated ring that is there to protect it from scratches.  These massive and striking men’s watches have a fluted screw-down crown that is crafted from rubber, steel and composite materials.

Lastly, from Jaeger LeCoultre comes the Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph which, while it doesn’t have the word “Big” in its name, comes in at a hearty 46.3mm in diameter.  This is one of those watches that looks like it is made for action; with a black rubber strap, black dial, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Three New “Auto Watches”

They’ve come to be known as “auto watches” – luxury watches that are born from a partnership with a luxury automobile brand or racing event. The thinking goes that if someone can afford to drive a high end, limited production automobile, that person is also game to buy the specially made, limited edition watch that “goes with” the car.Jaeger Aston Martin

This is not a new concept; TAG Heuer and Porsche Carrera have a partnership, as do Breitling and Bentley, Tissot and Nascar, and others. Here are three newcomers:

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin

Only 300 pieces of what’s to be called the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT will be made. The watch will feature a round case made of ceramic, a first for this watchmaker. It will run on the automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 988 tourbillon movement, “driving two time-zone displays with more than a glimpse of the tourbillon mechanism. Most remarkable of all is the openworked dial, giving a full view of the ruthenium-coated bridges and baseplate.”

EDOX and KoenigseggEDOX and Koenigsegg

Only 30 of these hand-made Edox-Koenigsegg Chronograph watches will be made.  “The outstanding visual feature of this timepiece is the pair of hinged ‘doors’ that protect the crown – imitating the gullwing design of the Koenigsegg CCR sportscar.”

Hublot and the Automobile Club de FranceHublot and Automobile club de France

A limited edition series of men’s and women’s “drive” chronographs by Hublot for the oldest automobile club in the world will feature the colors of the ACF. “The skeleton dial, which reveals a section of the movement, is surrounded by a black ceramic case and bezel.”

Most likely watch and automobile aficionados will see more of these “auto watches” at the BaselWorld show in March of 2010.

Cephee Launches $350,000 Women’s Luxury Watch

Cephee, a Swiss luxury watch brand is bringing its goods into the U.S. for the first time. With a price tag of $350,000 who knows how many potential buyers there may be for this luxury women’s watch, but hey.

Perhaps Cephee has made this decision based on the findings by the London-based form Ledbury Research, whose research shows that very wealthy people will “continue to spend but that their purchasing decisions will be based more on exclusivity as well as quality and dependability.” Bottom line: luxury is not disappearing. When it comes to men’s and women’s luxury watches, the rich are looking for limited edition timepieces and other unique features that make such a purchase worth their while.

The master designer behind the Ether watch by Cephee is Christophe Golay. The Ether without a doubt fits the above description; it is exclusive, luxurious and expensive. According to the Cephee website, “in the Greek mythology, Ether’s was the fifth element, filling the void in the universe, and giving the sky its shine. The Céphée ‘Ether’ personifies the magic of this notion of emptiness in a defined space.”

Magical is a good word to describe this watch. It has over 150 precision set baguette diamonds, all of which are exceptional in quality. A technique called “invisible channel setting” allows each diamond to “reflect all the light that it absorbs, without interruption by a metal bead.” Not only are there diamonds galore, there is also a sapphire cradle which houses the watch’s movement. This cradle was produced exclusively for the Ether watch and has “two perfectly adjusted lids so that precious face and side diamonds are completely encased.”  The hands are also made out of a certain type of sapphire called colored spinel.  Assembling this watch, with its delicate sapphire hands, is a feat all of its own.

The case is made from 18k white fold and the strap is a complimentary blue made from soft leather and comes with a hand crafted diamond buckle. Each and every step of the manufacturing process of this watch is done in house at the Cephee workshop in Geneva, which shares its factory with another luxury brand: Lamborghini.

Moni Ducci Watches

It’s a fact that certain products are created for certain groups of people, niche audiences, as they’re known. When it comes to luxury goods, the audience brands want are people with money, enough money that they barely have to look at or analyze a price tag before deciding whether or not to purchase the item.

Well, Moni Ducci watches targets a very specific group; those with money that travel frequently via airplanes. The brand Moni Ducci was created with travel retail being its main target. Items include men’s and women’s accessories, watches, eyewear, leather goods and clothes.

The duty free industry is a bustling one as there are duty free shopping zones and magazines in all airports and planes all over the world; and even those with lots of moolah like to not to have to pay taxes (the incentive behind duty free shopping).

Moni Ducci was launched in May of 2008 in perhaps what is the top duty free shopping zone ever: Dubai. Three months after the launch, Moni Ducci watches were listed in onboard magazines for Etihad Airlines, Eva Airways and Qatar Airways.

Niveen Ibrahim , the Travel Retail GM for Moni Ducci said that the brand is releasing a new collection of luxury men’s and women’s watches that will range in price from  $500 – $1,180 dollars, quite a deal actually.

He goes on to explain that “travelers are well aware of the brands and are exposed to luxury on a daily basis. The most important thing for a new emerging brand is to be innovative and different. Obviously, there is no compromise on quality.”

Moni Ducci watches are made for those that have an eye for fashion and like wearing something that not everyone else does. Their women’s luxury watches are particularly colorful, with engravings of birds, butterflies, plants and flowers found on the dials.