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IWC Makes Quality Timepieces

International Watch Company (IWC) has gained unparalleled respect as a premier luxury watchmaker.  The company, founded in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has been wowing us with incredible designs ever since.  IWC’s flawlessly crafted timepieces have been enjoyed by many, and their popularity continues to grow.

IWC is best known for their innovation.  They offer many different styles of chronographic watches, such as the Pilot’s Chronograph, which features three dials for accurate time-telling.  The dials on this watch are bold and easily read.  The Pilot’s Chronograph comes with either a leather strap or stainless-steel.  This men’s watch is both handsome and highly-functional.

International Watch Company is also famous for their diving watches.  The Aquatimer is offered with the needs and wants of the professional diver.  This watch has fantastic under-water visibility and was born from decades of technological innovation. 

And then there is IWC’s Da Vinci line.  The Da Vinci is the most luxurious and sophisticated line of watches, coming in stainless-steel, solid gold and high quality diamonds.  This watch comes with an automatic self-winding movement that IWC developed and is, truly a work of art.

These incredible timepieces will put you back a bit, but they are worth every penny.  The care and craftsmanship that goes into each piece before it is introduced to the public is unmatched.  And if you need a real working watch, like the Pilot or the Aquatimer…the IWC won’t disappoint.  If you, very simply desire a high quality watch made with the utmost care, you cannot go wrong choosing a timepiece from IWC.

Movado Offers Timeless Style

Movado watches define style

Back in 1881, when 19 year old Achille Ditesheim founded Movado, I wonder if he had the vision of what this company would become.  From his small village in Switzerland, is it possible he had could imagine the 100 patents and the 200 International awards that would be part of the Movado legacy…or was he, simply following his passion?

Design, innovation, and quality are keywords when thinking of Movado.  Creating many of the most sought-after timepieces has made Movado famous.  The company didn’t stop with their dedication to beautiful design, there was enormous attention paid to functionality and comfort.  In 1912 Movado patented a revolutionary movement, designed to fit into a case that was curved to the line of the wrist.  These, seemingly small adjustments made huge differences in the look and feel of a Movado watch.

The most well-recognized watch in the line is the Museum.  It is presented with a clean, blank face, only embellished with a single dot at the 12 o’clock mark.  This watch has become an iconic symbol of modern design and was the first watch to ever be chosen as part of a permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

Movado’s delicate designs distinguish them from other watchmakers and that style, naturally transitioned the company into jewelry making.  With boutiques around the world, Movado offers exquisite jewelry made from 18 ct. gold, gemstones, and their patented 114 facet Movado Diamond.

Movado, literally translates into, “always in motion”, and that standard is what sets Movado apart.  I for one, believe that young entrepreneur would be proud and excited to see that his vision has been expanded beyond his own imagination.  Movado is style, design, and innovation at its best.

Watch Sales Find Omega At Great Prices

Omega Watch Sales are a great find for anyone looking for a fine watch at the best price.  On-line searches of Omega watches can produce substantial savings for a savvy shopper.

A recent sale highlighted several Omega styles such as the Men’s Constellation Perpetual Calendar Steel Yellow-Gold watch for the super sale price of $545.00.  That’s a savings of $295.00 off the list price of $840.00.  The Omega Constellation Perpetual Calendar Steel Yellow-Gold watch is from the Constellation line and is one of Omega’s signature styles.

Another fantastic deal was on the Omega Women’s Constellation Automatic Champagne Gold Cindy Crawford Watch.   The 1292.10.00 Omega Women’s Constellation Automatic Champagne Gold Cindy Crawford Watch is being offered for $465.00, an astounding 33% off the list price of $690.00.

The Omega Constellation series is the cornerstone of Omega design.  Showing off the craftsmanship and attention to style has made Omega the premier watchmakers they are today.  Finding these quality timepieces and incredible prices makes owning one all the more sweet.

Watches, Then And Now

The first watch was created in Italy around 1500 CE, yet the Egyptians were using sun-dials to keep time even before that.  The early timepieces were quite inaccurate and not very user-friendly.  It wasn’t until nearly 100 years later that watches were invented that could keep time to the fraction of the minute.  Before this, keeping time was only as accurate as down to the fraction of the hour.

Over time technology has improved, greatly.  Accurate timekeeping is invaluable and often taken for granted in our advanced society.

Back as early as the 1600’s we began decorating our watches.  The watch was looked at as more of a piece of jewelry, and watchmakers showcased this by engraving watches and encrusting them with stones and gems.

As time passed, watches became smaller and more polished in appearance.  Thus, more sought after and readily available.  Watchmakers from around the world worked on perfecting their trade.

Until the early 1800’s watches were all hand-made.  The parts, of course, were not interchangeable.  The Swiss would soon change this.  They believed that was a huge market for mass production watches and went forward in creating that.

Fast forward to today and you will find many, quality, accurate, mass-produced watches.

The history of the watch has seen much innovation, but a watch does more than simply tell time.  Your watch makes a statement about you.  Are you practical or artistic?  Do you like bright or muted colors?  Do you want to blend in with the crowd or sparkle?  All of these questions can be answered by looking at your wrist.  A watch is something you wear everyday, it is an extension of your personality.

Albert Einstein wore a Gold Longines, John F. Kennedy wore the Omega Ultra-Thin, and President Barrack Obama wears the Elini New Yorker Men’s Chronograph.

Whatever statement you want to make about yourself…there is a wrist-watch out there to convey it.

Michele Watches founder pleads guilty

The founder and former owner of the Michele Watches company, a Miami-based luxury watch brand, pleaded guilty to a major tax evasion fraud. Jack Barouh allegedly had offshore accounts where he hid profits he made to avoid having to pay taxes on them.

In this particular case he was charged with putting away $10 million in an account he made with the UBS Swiss bank. Barough did not report the income he earned from those accounts and he filed a false tax return based on that information.

He is said to have “skimmed the profits” off his previous business ventures, relocating them to those offshore accounts, where he believed them to be out of the watch of the IRS. Included in those business ventures is the sale of the Michele Watches company he sold in 2004 to Fossil Inc. based in Richardson, Texas for about $50 million.

It is estimated that Barouh evaded some $736,000 between the years 2002 and 2007.

Barouh, who is now free on a $1 million bond, could face up to three years in jail. He is the seventh former UBS client to be found guilty of tax evasion.

The bank has admitted in the past that it has helped US taxpayers move their money elsewhere to avoid paying taxes. As part of a deferred prosecution agreement, UBS provided the US government with names and account identities of some of their overseas clients.

Barouh’s sentencing is set for April 16.

Authentic Watches Are Everywhere on the Internet

authentic watchesNormally the domain of fancy jewelry boutiques and high-end department stores, some of the best known names in luxury watch making are now making their timepieces available online.  Authentic watches from such well-known brands as Breitling, Baume et Mercier, Jaeger Le Coultre, Raymond Weil and Movado are enticing luxury watch buyers to buy online.  One reason why these online stores have been so successful in selling luxury watches how easily you can search out the style you want.

Many customers start out on the manufacturer’s web site and search out the watch they want.  Others find their watch in a blog or fashion article and then click on the links to find out how to buy it.  However you end up finding a virtual watch retailer, you will find it is much easier to compare prices and styles from your living room than it would be to visit several luxury boutiques.  The only challenge for the online shopper is making sure that the store is selling authentic watches.

Many replica watchmakers have cropped up over the past several years, which can make it difficult for consumers to be sure they are buying the real thing.  Look for an online watch retailer with impeccable customer reviews, manufacturer’s warranties, and a 30-day money-back return policy, and only buy from a store that sells authentic watches only.

Watches Sale Offers Great Deals on Raymond Weil

A luxury watches sale always attracts people that are looking for the best watches at the best price, and with so many more watches being sold online, it’s easy to find a good deal on your favorite watches. All you need to do is some searching.

One such search for a “watches sale” yielded a surprisingly wide variety of Raymond Weil women’s watches, including the popular Tango 5390-STP-00308.  This gracefully crafted watch features a bracelet made of 18-karat gold plated and stainless steel.  Slim and sophisticated on the wrist, the Tango has a white dial, gold-plated case, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  The Raymond Weil Tango is a thoroughly sensual women’s watch and makes a delicately feminine complement to any woman’s wrist.

This particular watches sale offered a 44% discount, which brought the price down from $760.75 to $475.  From the design and assembly to the choices of materials, Raymond Weil is perfect example of Switzerland’s finest watch making skills.  Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the Raymond Weil Company is one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers.

In addition to several other models from luxury watch companies, this watches sale featured popular models from companies like Movado, Tissot, Baume et Mercier, Gucci, Michele and Omega.

Tissot Watches Introduces New Line of T-Touch Timepieces

Tissot T-Touch PlatinumDespite the economic crisis and all the naysayers who believe that luxury products are on the way out, Tissot Watches is one company that continues to innovate. The company has been very actively pursuing the Nascar Audience with its Pit Precision Award, but their most popular consumer watch is the T-Touch Platinum.

This exciting new timepiece brings together all the capabilities consumers have come to expect from their other “touch-sensitive” devices, like iPods and cell phones. But there are some other unique characteristics that make these watches different from other Tissot watches.

First of all, the case is made from precious Platinum 950, and the crown is made from a tactile sapphire crystal. By touching the crystal, wearers can use the watch’s “thermo mode” to get the exact outdoor temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also includes a barometer function which allows the user to become aware of any major changes in atmospheric pressure. These extremely useful functions have made Tissot Watches even more marketable, especially to men who love “gadgets”.

Tissot Watches will be introducing more watches with a touch-screen, and even greater functionality in future collections. The new T-Touch Platinum has the beauty, functionality and gadgetry to make it a top seller for the company.