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The Tough Glashütte Tourbillon Watch

Glashütte Tourbillon WatchOne common complaint about luxury watches is that they’re often too delicate to be used for the turns and tumbles of everyday life. Unless you go to a formal party everyday, you’re not likely to wear your best watch when you go out or do day-to-day errands.

Until now, that is.

Premium watchmaker Glashütte Original has just released a new watch that is, surprising as it might sound, sportier than even the Saxon company’s usual standards. The Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon and Sport Evolution Impact Chronograph promise to be be-all, end-all watches for withstanding most bumps and bruises that real life can throw at them.

If its red and black contrast synthetic strap didn’t clue you in, the durable case made of polished and satinised stainless steel should tell you that this watch was designed to go wherever you do. Yet while Glashütte Original took every precaution to protect the watch from damage, it definitely didn’t do so at the expense of timekeeping precision.

To make this new and near-indestructible watch, Glashütte Original teamed up with Stuttgart-based Fraunhofer development group, which in turn designed a combination of materials that would give optimum cushioning to the most delicate watch components. Consequently, the Calibre 39-31 – the movement running the Sport Evolution Impact Chronograph – remains accurate even when it experiences great amounts of force.

Meanwhile, the Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon is powered by an automatic Calibre 94, which also keeps the Flying Tourbillon running at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. It has a regular rate of revolution (360 degrees per minute) that keeps the watch precise and on time, even when a different state of gravity has already begun screwing up other timepieces.

Two watches made to be truly durable by a company with a long heritage in the art and science of watchmaking. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better combination of form, function and all-around raw toughness.