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Movado Dolca, For Her

Movado Dolca, Women Only

Movado has a few of their famous collections, which are reserved just for the ladies.  The Movado Dolca is one of the most elegant.  These sophisticated line of watches, for her are truly unique and sand-out pieces.  The Dolca was created for the modern woman.  It has contemporary lines and a urban appeal.  These women’s timepieces are for the lady who wants to make a statement, and show off her own unique individuality.  The Movado Dolca Women’s watches feature the classic Museum dial, which has been crafted in luxurious Mother-of-Pearl. The dial is surrounded by a highly polished stainless-steel bezel, which has been embellished with sparkling diamonds.  The case on the Dolca is also in shiny steel, and features a screw down case back.  These ladies watches are Swiss Quartz models, offering precision accuracy and low maintenance, and they are water resistant to 99 feet, but where the Dolca really shows off is in the bracelet configuration.  The bracelet styling is inspired by the Museum dial.  The round shape is mimicked throughout the linking, and adds to the overall look of this watch.  Movado has done it again, with the release of the Dolca women’s watches.  Form and function come together, with ease in these wonderful women’s watches.

Movado Juro, Tell Her She’s Special

Movado Juro, The Perfect Anniversary Gift

If you’re searching for the perfect Anniversary gift, check out the Movado Juro women’s watch.  The Juro collection is elegant and beautiful, but the gold plated Juro women’s timepiece makes the perfect statement for an occasion like this.  The dial is the classic Museum, in black.  The delicate hands are in gold tone, and the Movado logo and signature dot are in gold, as well.  The hours are marked by brilliant diamonds.  These 12 diamonds sparkle and light up this women’s timepiece.  The dial is covered by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  The Juro women’s watch is a Quartz model from Movado.  She can expect precision accuracy from this beautiful watch.  The bold appearance of the Movado ladies watch may lead you to believe that it’s weighty, but the Juro is slender, lightweight, and comfortable.  The gorgeous watch face is set on a gold tone bracelet, in a 7 ½ inch length.  The finish on the bracelet is alternating brushed and polished gold tone.  This is a watch you can be proud to present her with, and one she will treasure for years.  Movado makes high quality luxury watches, and they do it at an affordable price.  If you value these traits, look no further than the Juro women’s watch by Movado.

Breitling Watches, For Bentley

Breitling Watches Special Bentley Edition

Breitling watches are not for the faint of heart.  These timepieces are real works of mechanical art, and priced accordingly.  Owning a Breitling is the ultimate for many watch enthusiasts.  The Breitling Bentley is my focus today.  The Breitling Bentley Men’s Watch has a unique bezel designed to mimic the controls on the Bentley, and is equipped with a variable, instead of the usual fixed, tachometer.  This tachometer technology can measure an average speed regardless of of the time elapsed.  This technology allows for the watch to measure any distance and any speed, ingenious.  This Breitling watch has is a motorized Chronometer, which has been certified.  It is also a chronograph that is self-winding, and vibrates at over 28, ooo beats per hour.  The technology that has been put into this machine is amazing, and unique to Breitling designers.   The Bentley Supersports by Breitling is encased is solid stainless-steel, and water resistant to 100 meters.  This Breitling men’s watch is large, with a diameter measuring over 48 mm, and features a caseback of Titanium.  The dial on the Breitling Bentley is a jet black, and the strap is a black durable rubber.  With only 1000 of these in production worldwide, this is certainly a very exclusive timepiece.  This Breitling Bentley Supersport men’s watch is a one of a kind.

Authentic Watches Come With Papers

Authentic Watches Come With Proof

Today, I think we will discover some real authentic watches.  The brands with names like IWC or Corum on them.  The Corum watchmakers have built quite a reputation for high quality, precision timepieces.  Their designs run the gamut from traditional to very modern and interesting.  All Corum models should come with papers of authenticity, the Corum warranty information, and a certificate card for the diamonds.  If yours didn’t, maybe it’s not an authentic watch.  The Ladies Rocket Diamond Watch by Corum is one of those more interesting timepieces I mentioned.  They call it the Rocket, but the shape gives more of a boat appearance.  In any case, this is a beautifully crafted watch.  The dial is a softened triangular shape and the face is in that luxurious Mother-of-Pearl, surrounded by a delicate row of glittering diamonds…63 diamonds to be exact, with a carat weight of 1.77, beautiful.  This woman’s watch features a battery powered Quartz movement, and a bezel of scratch-resistant crystal in sapphire.  The dial on this watch is completely unadorned, except for the 12 o’clock hour marker and the Corum name and logo.  As with all authentic watches, this Corum should reach you with all its credentials in tact.  Buying authentic watches can be quite an investment, make sure you get what you pay for.

Discounted Watches, Great Deals

Discounted Watches, Movado

It’s easy to locate discounted watches on-line.  Just be a savvy shopper and know you’re stuff.  Be aware that there are many fakes and replicas out there, and do your homework.  When is comes to finding a great deal, just make certain you’re getting what you paid for and expect.  Reputable retailers sell discounted watches everyday.  Here’s a look at what you might come across.  The 0605387 Espernaza Women’s Diamond Watch by Movado is a great example.  The Esperanza Collection is really dressy and elegant.  The version I found is accented with round-cut white diamonds, with a beautiful Mother-of-Pearl face.  It is encased is polished stainless-steel and is adorned with a burgundy fabric bracelet, lovely.  It’s simplicity and style are totally Movado, and this discounted watch is Swiss made precision quality, to boot!  Normal retail on this women’s watch is over $2600.00.  I found this Movado Esperanza discounted to just under $900.00.  That’s a savings of over $1700.00!  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Now, keep in mind that discounted watches don’t always equate to cheap or inexpensive.  If you’re looking for that you can certainly find it, but what we are searching for is the most bang for your buck…hopefully I’ve peaked your interest in shopping around, and in Movado.

Watches, Watches, And More Watches

Beautiful Watches Galore

Timepieces come in many forms.  The watch has transformed over the years, from merely a way to measure time…to a fashion statement.  Jewelry-makers and designers have put their hats in the ring, and created watches with style and elegance, that really perform with precision accuracy.  Here are a couple of those artistic interpretations highlighted for you.

The Gucci YA068567 Bamboo Women’s Watch is gorgeous.  Gucci, famous designer of jewels, clothing, handbags, and numerous accessories has been very successful in the world of watchmaking.  This women’s watch is a beautiful example of Gucci elegance.  The Gucci 6800 Bamboo Watch series offers several different combinations of materials.  You have the Stainless-steel paired with different colored bamboo bracelets (black, white, bamboo tan, etc.).  Also there is the gold-toned Bamboo women’s watch, and finally (my favorite) the polished stainless-steel case and bracelet, with diamond accents.  This version comes with a Mother-of-Pearl dial and the classic Gucci logo at the top.  Beautiful!

Another Jeweler gone watchmaker is Cartier.  The Cartier watch has always shown style and opulence.  I love the Classic Tank.  Its shape is true Cartier, and this watch comes in so many varieties.  If you like Cartier, you can’t go wrong with the Tank.  Their newest versions are hip and chic, even coming in vibrant colors.

Breitling, Watches With Integrity

Breitling, precision timepieces

In 1884 Mr. Breitling founded his watch company, although he would be appalled if he heard me call it that.  Breitling’s vision held a scope far beyond making timepieces…he wanted to create precision instruments for professionals.  Instruments such as chronographs and stop watches for aviators were the first pieces Breitling put out. 

In the early 1900’s wristwatches became more mainstream and Breitling was the first to offer a wrist-worn chronograph.  In fact, Breitling was the inventor of the push-piece, a separate part that would operate the chronographic features of the watch.  The push-piece would start, stop, and reset the stop watch function, with a single button.

The company’s innovation and dedication to excellence has maintained its reputation, and continues to come up with amazing watches.  The models include the Navitimer, the Windrider, the Professional, and the Aeromarine.    All of these models are offered in various styles, but none of them are ordinary watches…they art technological works of art.

If precision and accuracy are on the top of your list of priorities, a Breitling watch is the cream of the crop.  The company warns not to attempt to purchase a Breitling on the internet.  The watches offered on the web may not be authentic and if you want the real deal, you must buy from an authorized dealer. 

By the way, please check out their website…it is full of information and as impressive as their impeccably crafted instruments.

Movado Watches – My Two Favorite for Women

Movado has been a perennial favorite among women for decades, primarily because they have stuck with a design theme that really works. Movado watches are best known for their Museum watch, which has become a symbol of style and sophistication.

My two favorite collections for of Movado watches for women are the Esperanza and Amoroso editions. The Amoroso I love best is made with a delicate two-tone dangle bracelet, featuring a round black dial with gold-toned hands and the famous Movado concave marker at the 12 o’clock hour. In the Esperanza collection, I love the sleek contemporary look of the mother-of-pearl dial, surrounded by a diamond-studded bezel, against a shiny stainless steel bracelet. It makes a highly sophisticated, yet utterly feminine fashion statement.

Rather than trying to choose between the two Movado watches I love, I decided to buy both of them. No matter which Movado you like best, you can be sure it will be among the most luxurious watches you have ever worn – accurate to within seconds per year and crafted with the highest quality materials. A constant innovator, Movado watches continue to be one of the top luxury watch makers in the world

Panerai Watches: The Elusive Italian Watch Maker

Just in case you have never heard of Panerai Watches, this Italian watchmaker has been making some of the world’s finest timepieces since 1860. Their most famous models are the Luminor and Radiomir watches, which were used by the Royal Italian Navy’s commando frogmen during the sinking of Allied naval ships during World War II.

It wasn’t until Sylvester Stallone “discovered” Panerai Watches in 1995 while shooting a movie in Rome that the watches became more widely known in the United States. Stallone was so taken by Panerai watches that he soon started giving them as gifts to his friends, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Panerai watches now come in four collections – the Contemporary, Manifattura, Historic and Special editions, but most of these collections are made in limited quantities, and each of them includes a number of issue on the caseback. Prices range from $6,250 to over $25,000.

It wasn’t until a new agreement was signed between Girard-Perregaux and Ferrari, that Panerai watches became the official timekeeper for the Ferrari brand. As a result, a new collection of watches known as “Panerai Ferrari” is available, but these watches are also produced in limited quantities.

The limited production runs for all Panerai watches make them a valuable commodity among luxury watch collectors, and often causes them to increase in value over time.

Tissot – the Quintessential Swiss Timepiece

Back in the late 1850’s a man named Charles-Emile Tissot left his hometown of Le Locle Switzerland to begin peddling his world-class Tissot “savonnette” pocket watches throughout the Russian empire. From there, the popularity of Tissot pocket watches expanded throughout the world, and the Tissot Company eventually became the leading producer of traditional watches, available in five continents and over 16,000 locations.

Today, Tissot continues to surprise and delight its clientele with the latest innovations in luxury Swiss watch making. An excellent example of the company’s pioneering spirit is the latest touch-screen technology now used in the Tissot T-Touch collection.

Sports enthusiasts will be familiar with the Tissot luxury watch brand through the company’s long-time association with NASCAR, theAFL, World Championships of ice hockey, cycling, fencing, and the MotoGP, among others.

As the official timekeeper of so many world-class sporting events, Tissot has established itself as a high-performance, precision timepiece that continues to set the standard for Swiss watch making. It is no surprise that Tissot has recently signed on a number of well-known brand ambassadors, including IndyCar champion Danica Patrick, international football star Michael Own, and 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden.