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New Eco-Drive Watches by Citizen

Citizen watches are “unstoppable”. They are fueled by light and therefore never need a battery. The Citizen Watch Company was founded in 1918 and the name was purposely selected to be “Close to the Hearts of People Everywhere”.

Citizen has become the world’s largest watch maker and created many new technologies, including the world’s thinnest LCD watch, the first voice recognition watch and the first professional diver’s watch with an electronic depth sensor. Wow.

No wonder when Citizen comes out with a new watch, the watch world pays attention. It’s Eco-Drive collection is “ecologically friendly.” What does this mean exactly one may ask.

Based on the “no battery” philosophy these Eco-Drive watches run on light, whether it comes from an artificial or natural source and they last a lifetime. The Eco-Drive technology uses a solar conversion panel and energy cell as power providers for the watch’s quartz movement. Through these watches, Citizen has changed the way time is told. The Eco-Drive collection comes in men’s and women’s watches.

At the 2010 Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show, which is to take place in March in Basel, Switzerland, Citizen Watch Company will again be showing off its innovative Eco-Drive technology in a collection featuring both men’s watches and women’s watches, called the Citizen Ec-Drive Chrono Time A•T. Available in five different styles, these watches include world time in 26 cities with atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled accuracy.

The brown crocodile strap of the men’s version plays off the stainless steel rose gold-toned case, adding a real element of luxury to overall look. With a limited edition of only 2,500 pieces, men around the world will be actively looking to add this Eco-Drive watch to their personal collections. Another style option of the Chrono-Time is stainless steel with a black or blue dial, two-tone rose gold stainless steel.

What to look for when buying a luxury watch.

You should always look for a good deal, then you should always look for a good vendor. When you buy your first luxury watch, you will be happy. Buying from a good vendor will make you even happier!