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Chanel 2013-2014 Winter-Fall Show sends a Fashion Shoutout that’s Terrestrial

Written by Chaz Nash

Chanel 2013/2014 Winter-Fall Fashion Show held at the palatial Grand Palais – Paris may have been on planet Earth, however, the fashions presented at the fashion show were on the verge of being out of this galaxy!

Karl Lagerfeld reached deep within his creative cachet and went “East Side” of the global couture spectrum to create what may be defined as one of Chanel’s most terrestrial fashions collection to encompass the globe.

Models adorned in an incorporation of Asian inspired and an introspective of Chanel’s global designs walked the circumference of a circular runway displaying superimposed graphics of the continents. And cleverly staged in the center of this phenomenal runway was a ginormous rotating globe that marked over 300 of the brand’s stores as well as its centennial echelon in haute couture.

Blue Coat and Black Textile Coat

Karl Lagerfeld fashion designs spoke mystical Chanel Francais in ooh la la colors of silver, steel, grey, classic black, blue, baby pink and white, all of which were consummated in a varage of textiles tailored in tweed coats and kilts, double-length coats with downward zippers, pleated short skirts and asymmetrical knit skirts with vibrant movements and knit sweaters adorned with elaborate knit linked chains, all of which were meticulously accessorized with black and silver chain pendants and bracelets, exquisite bags, low heeled boots cladded with Chanel signature chains and/or shoes worn with white/black knit, leather or patent leather leggings. Mercy and merci!

Chanel Peek-a-boo Coat     Chanel Baby Pink Coat & Skirt

Lagerfeld said of the 2013 Fall-Winter Chanel designs, “The main theme of the collection is from black to grey, colors of shadows and very mysterious. I thought for this season we are going to make a proposition in a completely different direction, what is still one hundred percent Chanel.” Indeed, a different direction that is absolutely amazing and establishes a new signature for the Chanel brand.

Chanel10     Chanel Tweed Kilt

This amazing collection has a retro edginess that is modern and alluringly extraterrestrial, yet possesses Chanel’s classic jeux de vie (joy of living) fashion flavor. Chanel has certainly made an interplanetary shout out with this collection. In the mean time, we have to sit on edge to anticipate the timepiece collection that will complement this amazing collection!