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Cartier’s White Hot Pasha Seatimer

White Cartier Steams Up Summer

Cartier has created a real stand out piece with the Pasha Seatimer women’s watch.  The unique use of materials and finished gives the Pasha Seatimer its glam.  This is from the Pasha series, and was initially inspired by royalty.  This watch exudes all of the qualities’, which Cartier is famous for…style, elegance, and opulence.  The Seatimer’s white ceramic dial is tastefully sized and features Roman numeral markers.  It’s safe to say that the markings and arms of the dial are feminine and delicate.  Although designed, initially for a man (the Pasha of Marrakesh) this version is definitely designed for a glamorous gal.  Surrounding the dial, Cartier had fitted the Pasha with an 18 carat rose gold rotating bezel, with white numbering.  Inside this Swiss watch is a Quartz movement, which will be reliable and easy to maintain.  The Pasha was created so that the Pasha of Marrakesh could wear his watch, while taking a swim, so it’s fitting that this Pasha Seatimer be water resistant.  It can withstand depths of 330 feet, far beyond the deep end of your normal pool.  The white dial and rose gold accents are matched with a white rubber strap, completing the bright summery look, perfectly.  The Pasha Seatimer women’s watch from Cartier, don’t start summer without it.

Cartier’s Pretty Orange Tank Solo

Cartier's Orange Summer Splash

Just in time to further brighten our summer days, Cartier comes out with their colorful Women’s Tank Solo watch.  The sunny orange hue is perfect for lounging at the pool.  It is the ultimate summer accessory to that beautiful maxi dress you just picked up, and best of all…it’s a Cartier.  The Cartier Tank is one of those timeless designs, which has been updated with fresh colors and accents.  Cartier is a name that symbolizes luxury and stylish elegance, and this orange Tank Solo Women’s watch follows in those footsteps, perfectly.  The dial is a soft shade of champagne, which has been stylized by a shadowed logo effect.  The Cartier C floats over the dial, adding interest.  The dial is, of course the traditional Tank rectangular shape, and is accented by Roman numerals marking the quarter hours.  The crystal in a scratch resistant sapphire, and has been treated with an anti reflective additive.  The Tank Solo’s case is crafted of stainless-steel and measures 31mm in diameter.  This is a Swiss quartz model by Cartier and comes with a screw in case backing.  The Women’s Tank Solo is matched with a pretty orange Alligator bracelet, and the orange crystal crown finishes the look out, perfectly.  Add a bit of spice to your summer wardrobe, with the Cartier Tank Solo in orange.

Cartier, The First Lady’s Preference

Michelle Obama Loves Cartier

It is apropos that such a classic and elegant woman like Michelle Obama would be drawn to the most classic and elegant watches in the world.  Cartier seems to be the choice of the first lady, and with good reason.  Cartier has been the epitome of style for decades, and their creations don’t get any more traditional than the Tank.  Cartier’s Tank was originally introduced back in 1912.  It has seen many re-releases, but little changes. The Tank is Cartier and definitely still one of their more popular timepieces.  The first lady was photographed wearing her Cartier Tank, for her official Whitehouse portrait.  The people at Cartier couldn’t be more pleased.  Michelle Obama will certainly go down in history as a classic fashion icon, already compared to the legendary Jackie O for her style and grace.  The Cartier Tank befits such a lady. 

The Cartier Tank collection comes in many styles.  The Cartier midsized Tank Solo in stainless-steel, the Tank Americaine, which is in 18 carat white gold, to other steel and 18 carat gold models.  The variety is wide and diverse, the constant is the Cartier name.  This is a fine, luxury Swiss watchmaker, which has a solid reputation.  Hey, if it’s got Michelle Obama’s attention, maybe you should take another look.

Watches, An Individual Choice

So Many Watches To Choose From

What are your favorite watches?  What is it you even look for in a watch?  Some of us want sleek and sophisticated models, some more fun and colorful versions.  Whatever your taste, watch choices are endless.  You may look at the Cartier Tank and fall in love.  The Tank by Cartier has been one of their trademark pieces for decades.  The lines of this watch are stylish and clean.  The Tank can be all shiny stainless-steel, 18 carat gold, or embellished with luxurious, sparkling diamonds…your choice.  Maybe instead of the classic like Cartier, you prefer a more fashion forward brand, like Michele watches.  These lovely timepieces feature interchangeable bracelets for most of their watch faces, allowing you to dream up your own creation!  Some Michele watches are vibrantly colored, with hues of pink, green, yellow, and turquoise blue.  Other women’s watches by Michele are more subdued, accenting style with steel and gold models.  Modern and sophisticated, or trendy and playful…Michele watches may be for you.  Or, you may just be a sportier gal and be drawn to brands like Tissot.  Tissot makes really high quality Swiss timepieces, and are famous for that.  Watches are as individual as you are, and the fit should be right.  Good luck finding your perfect mate.

Cartier Watches Fresh New Line

Cartier Watches New Ballon Blue

Cartier watches are elegance par none.  The Cartier company has been producing marvelous creations for over 100 years.  Each season, new treasures emerge from Cartier watches, and this summer is no exception.  Their fresh spring line is inspiring.  Some changes, some new designs, and always the favorites…back with a bit of added flare.  The Cartier Ballon Bleu Collection just released is a fine example of Cartier excellence.  This ladies watch is being offered in several versions.  Whether you prefer white gold, pink gold, or traditional yellow gold…you won’t be disappointed.  I believe my favorite is the Ballon Blue de Cartier Pink,  it’s fresh and colorful, and has Cartier watch quality behind it.  This Cartier watch has a case made from rose gold, with luxurious diamonds accenting the dial.  The dial face is round is shape and is a beautiful silver/white.  The hours are marked with roman numerals and the Cartier watch name is tastefully displayed.  This is an all Swiss made timepiece, so quality is taken for granted.  I love the traditional Cartier watch collections, but this one caught my eye, and probably yours as well.  The dial is beautifully finished, the diamonds sparkle, but the deep purple leather bracelet that Cartier designers decided on…is simply the icing on the cake!

Watches, Watches, And More Watches

Beautiful Watches Galore

Timepieces come in many forms.  The watch has transformed over the years, from merely a way to measure time…to a fashion statement.  Jewelry-makers and designers have put their hats in the ring, and created watches with style and elegance, that really perform with precision accuracy.  Here are a couple of those artistic interpretations highlighted for you.

The Gucci YA068567 Bamboo Women’s Watch is gorgeous.  Gucci, famous designer of jewels, clothing, handbags, and numerous accessories has been very successful in the world of watchmaking.  This women’s watch is a beautiful example of Gucci elegance.  The Gucci 6800 Bamboo Watch series offers several different combinations of materials.  You have the Stainless-steel paired with different colored bamboo bracelets (black, white, bamboo tan, etc.).  Also there is the gold-toned Bamboo women’s watch, and finally (my favorite) the polished stainless-steel case and bracelet, with diamond accents.  This version comes with a Mother-of-Pearl dial and the classic Gucci logo at the top.  Beautiful!

Another Jeweler gone watchmaker is Cartier.  The Cartier watch has always shown style and opulence.  I love the Classic Tank.  Its shape is true Cartier, and this watch comes in so many varieties.  If you like Cartier, you can’t go wrong with the Tank.  Their newest versions are hip and chic, even coming in vibrant colors.

Cartier Watches Are Legendary

Cartier stands for luxury

Cartier is world-renowned for their superior craftsmanship.  Their Watches exude style and success, and the wearer feels certain they have chosen a quality timepiece.  Since the mid 1800’s Cartier has been creating breathtaking jewelry and watches.  As they expanded through Europe, Cartier became increasingly popular and in 1902, after gaining the appreciation of many royals, Cartier was named “Jeweler of Kings”. 

Modern-day Cartier is no less respected.  The company has evolved and kept up with the times, while remaining one of the world’s premier watchmakers.  In 2002, Cartier celebrated its 100 birthday by unveiling the Santos 100.

The Santos series was named after a friend of Louis Cartier, who had complained about the unreliability of pocket-watches.  His comment was answered with the release of the first men’s wrist-watch in 1902.  The Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont can be thanked for the Cartier Santos line.

This series comes in a variety of combinations, but my favorite is the stainless-steel and gold version, with brown leather strap.  The W20091X7 men’s gold and steel watch makes a bold statement.  The contrasting polished steel, with gold accents set against the rich brown strap, is a handsome mix.

Whichever Cartier you choose, make sure it’s authentic.  Here are a few tips.  Cartier watches are very heavy, make sure the watch is weighty.  Drop a bead of water on the glass, it should roll right off and not smear.  Check that the serial number is engraved on the back or side of the watch, and finally, open the case back.  Genuine Cartier watches will have the name “Cartier” engraved on the movement.  Bottom line, this is a high-quality watch you want to pass on to your children, don’t get ripped off.

Authentic Watches

Authentic watches are classics

Rolex is, arguably the most recognized luxury watchmaker in the world.  Rolex has become a symbol of wealth and success in our culture in the states, and around the world. Wearing one of these coveted watches is a sign that you have arrived, and that status is what many of us dream of.  The Rolex Presidential is worn by many company heads, and signifies to others your position.

Cartier was founded back in 1847 and has remained a premier, quality watchmaker since.  Cartier is sophistication, epitomized. Creating many diverse and beautiful designs, has served Cartier well.  The name stands for luxury and high quality, and the look of these watches is unmistakable.

These timepieces aren’t merely functional, they tell a bit of a story.  They become, very much a part of whom we are…or who we want to portray to the world.  The wrist-watch has become an extension of our personality, and an emblem or our achievements.

Authenticity can take many forms, when we are speaking of watches.  It can come in a very expensive package or in a simple brown box.  To me, authenticity means honest, steadfast, quality.  Many watchmakers today fall into that category.

The authentic watch for you has to be made well, feel and look amazing enough on you to wear everyday, and be matched with your pocket-book.  Be choosy…this is something you’ll have for quite a while.

Cartier Watches I love…

Anyone who has ever swooned over the Cartier watches displayed in the boutique’s windows on Fifth Avenue will tell you – this is not an ordinary luxury watch maker. They have been the epitome of elegance in luxury timepieces ever since Louis Francois created the original “House of Cartier” in 1847. Today, they are sold throughout the world and their selection of artistically inspired designs are more appealing than ever.

Here are a few of my favorite Cartier watches:

  • The Tank Watch: Inspired by World War I, these infamous watches came about as a result of the designer’s fascination with the American tank. The resulting design is a sturdy, sharp-edged watch with sleek vertical sides and simple construction that echoes the lines of an American tank.
  • The Divan Watch: Similar to the original tank-style Cartier watches, the Divan watch was introduced to give a more futuristic look to the rectangular shaped watch.
  • The Pasha Watch: These elegant, round-faced watches were introduced in the 1940’s and had always been available only for men. It wasn’t until the 80’s that the Pasha design became wildly popular among women.

No matter how many Cartier watches you look at, it will soon become obvious how the company became known as the creator of the world’s most luxurious watches.