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Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch Dazzles With Classic Good Looks

Bell & Ross watches don’t have to resort to bells and whistles to make their watches stand out.  A classic example of this is their Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch which needs only its clean looks, solid machinery, and a touch of that old school charm to make this watch an easy favorite.

As watches become more and more avante garde with multiple layers of diamonds, mechanics, and even dials, it’s nice to return to basics with a vintage style like this Bell & Ross timepiece.  The black bezel and dial with stainless steel case and hands are a sensible contrast.  Add a black calfskin or stainless steel bracelet to complete the look of easygoing charm.

That being said, the clean looks of this watch not only make it durable, but versatile as well.  The timepiece can weather outdoor activities during the day and still be in place for nighttime parties—whether it’s as simple as a barbeque or as fancy as a wedding.

This watch is the perfect companion for summer travels; it’s light and durable enough to outlast your playtime while still looking great.  The watch’s sleek design will ensure that you don’t have to worry about it getting caught during your summertime activities.

The two-counter chronograph and automatic ETA movement will keep you running right on time.  With Bell & Ross, you’ll never have to worry about being a second behind, and with good reason: the vintage collection is based off of Bell & Ross’ successful timepieces from fifty years ago.  Even then, Bell & Ross knew their craft

Though the watch looks simple, there are actually quite a few tiny details that make the timepiece so appealing.  You may not realize just how much the polished bezel adds to the piece, or how the luminous numbers and indices make the watch easy to read in all lights, but the little tidbits add up to make a truly beautiful watch.

The Vintage BR Sport watch includes another little detail that makes it stand out not only from other watch brands, but from the other Bell & Ross Vintage collection timepieces in that it features a polished bezel instead of just an insert.

For a watch with classic good looks and the dependable mechanics that Bell & Ross promises with all their watches, why not strap on a Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch?

Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic Phantom

Bell & Ross doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel so to speak, or in this case, the watch. They simply take what works and make it better, cooler, more unique.bell-ross-brs-ceramic-phantom

The Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic Phantoms are great examples of this. Using the popular Phantom watch model, the brand jazzes this new collection up a bit and it’s pitched as a woman’s watch.

The square-shaped case is made almost entirely from ceramic and measures 39mm (yes, made for a woman) and looks almost exactly like the men’s version of this watch, known as the BR-01 and BR-03. These latter collections have a military feel to them, but these new BR-S pieces are more elegant and slimmer with smaller crown and lugs (again, made for a lady) and the glossy finish of the ceramic gives them a certain glow.

bell ross ceramic phantom w diamondsThe bracelet on these new women’s watches is new as well. Made from ceramic, each link is thin and rectangular in shape. The glossy finish compliments the entire watch and a folding, two-button “deployante” clasp is integrated within its structure. Like Michele watches, these Bell & Ross ones come with interchangeable straps such as rubber, glossy patent leather, and alligator straps.

The collection consists of four designs, an all white, all black and both with diamonds. Each runs on a quartz crystal movement, powered by a battery with about a 2 year life span. The dials, hour hands and minute markers are easy to read and each of the hands are painted with luminescent pigment for better visibility in darkness.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Carbon Fiber Mens Watches

Bell & Ross seems to be coming out with a lot of limited edition watches recently. These new additions, part of the popular BR Collection, are made from carbon fiber and are sports watches. Called BR 01 Carbon Fiber watches, there are two models: one features a three-counter automatic chronograph with date (BR 01-94) and the other, the BR 01-92 model, has a simple time display and sweep center seconds. Both are limited to 500 pieces.

To get inspiration for this sub collection, Bell & Ross looked to materials used in the aeronautical industry. The cases measure 46mm and are made completely from carbon fiber, as is the bezel and the edges. The dial is made from this same material and gives off a visual effect of the case and the dial being one piece. The strap is also made from carbon, this time woven and finished with a semi-gloss that is to the wearer’s wrist with a thick blackened tang buckle featuring the  Bell & Ross “BR” insignia. As with other Bell & Ross watches, the strap can be interchanged with others, which include a variety of options made from calf leather, alligator, or canvas.

Both of these carbon fiber chronograph models run on automatic ETA 2894  movements which offer a offers a rapidly adjustable date function, in addition to small seconds and a chronograph with 12-hour and 30-minute totalizers. The ETA 2894 has been used in many BR watches and “features a convenient hacking seconds function for precise synchronization to a time signal, or another watch.” Both models have a power reserve of 42 hours and are water resistant to 100 meters.

And of course, as with all BR watches, the design of these two limited edition carbon fiber ones is sporty, professional and very cool.  They are very much a man’s watch.

The BR-03 Phantom by Bell & Ross

As we gear up for Halloween, all-black watches come to mind. Last year Bell & Ross came out with the BR-03 Phantom as a follow up to its popular BR-01 Phantom. Both models were released in limited editions of 500 pieces each year and sold out very quickly.

One may think that an all black watch would be hard to read, but that’s not the case here and it has something to do with the large 42 mm sized case. Some people find this large, rectangular shaped case uncomfortable on the wrist, but considering that this watch is near impossible to find, it’s not a big enough of a drawback to warrant much more mention. The case is made from carbon-blackened stainless steel.

The numbers, like the dial, themselves are large, giving them visibility. They are raised off the surface and coated in black photo-luminescent paint, allowing you to see what time it is even in the dark. To get this glow in the dark, the watch needs to be charged in the light, sometimes for longer than 5 minutes. The BR-03 Phantom emanates a powerful green glow after just absorbing natural daylight.

Although the case is large, 42mm, it’s not as large as some other BR watches that have 46mm, and at 10mm thickness they are relatively thin, making them not too bulky. The lugs curve to allow for a snug fit.

Like many other Bell & Ross watches, the BR-03 Phantom adheres to military specifications, making it a highly reliable watch.

This watch also comes in all white, all green (military color), all black with bright luminescent blue indications, all black with a stainless steel case and a few other options. Some come with black synthetic or rubber straps.

Although not terribly expensive, prices range from $3,000 – $5,000 these are hard to come by. If you spot one, grab it. Maybe even make an offer to someone who you see wearing it on the street.

Black will always be in and with so few all-black watches to choose from (Rolex does something similar but at a much higher price point) the BR-03 will always be a hit.

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