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Give A G-Timeless Men’s Watch This Holiday

Gucci Watches offer some of the most sophisticated models on the market.  This Christmas, why not surprise him with a stylish designer timepiece from Gucci?  The Gucci Watches G-Timeless Men’s Timepiece Model # YA126406 couldn’t be a better choice.

  An authentic Gucci watch is something that he will treasure for a lifetime and in this case, quality never looked so good.  The G-Timeless Men’s Timepiece Model # YA126406 is an amazing value for such a high quality Swiss made piece.  This model with a stainless-steel case and rich brown dial.  The face features a date aperture, as well as a scratch resistant, anti reflective sapphire crystal.  The stainless-steel look is continued in the jewelry type bracelet, which is complete with deployment buckle and finished in both brushed and polished steel. 

This Gucci Men’s Watch is not only great looking; it will perform accurately due to its Swiss Quartz movement.  In order to maintain its water resistance, Gucci has equipped this model with a screw down crown and screw in case backing.  Because of these and other features, the G-Timeless Men’s Timepiece Model # YA126406 is water tight to 99 feet. 

The G-Timeless Men’s timepiece is a fashionable and affordable choice to gift this holiday season. 

Fruitz Watches, Something New And Exciting for Christmas

A Cosmo For Christmas

Fruitz Watches Happy Hour Collection mixes up the perfect Christmas cocktails.  If you are searching for an interesting line to choose from, this is it.  Fruitz watches Cosmopolitan model captures all the vibrant colors of the famous drink.

The Fruitz Watches Happy Hour in Cosmopolitan is styled in a fabulous pink hue.  The dial of this watch is a paler shade of pink with dark pink hour markers.  The solid construction of these watches is the reason they will last and last, but what will draw you to them is their contemporary and fresh design.  All of the Fruitz watches are styled after fresh cut fruit, with all the adornments.  The hours are marked by seedlings and the colors of the dials and straps are designed to match and mimic the fruit, cocktail, or sorbet.  Fruitz Cosmopolitan features a case with a 44mm diameter that is crafted from stainless-steel.  The pretty pink dial is presented with a laser cut design and features day, date, and 24 hour functions.  This watch, as well as all the Fruitz line, is equipped with the Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology disk, which calms you and aids in better sleep.

Check out the entire Fruitz Watches line and pick your favorite flavor for Christmas.

TAG Heuer Carrera Coming Of Age

TAG Heuer Laptimer

TAG Heuer has a strong reputation as a premier sport luxury watch maker. The brand has been building in popularity since 1860, and is not slowing down, yet. Their innovative designers continue to come out with creative and highly impressive timepieces. Living up to their Swiss avant-garde name, TAG Heuer forges into the future, offering us only the best in men’s and women’s watches. The men’s Carrera watches are one perfect example of that ingenuity and professionalism. The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre S Laptimer Men’s Watch offers extreme functionality, along with advanced styling. If is inspired by the 1964 Carrera, which it pays homage to. The dial features race car like sub dials, which are colored in black, white, and splashes of red. This chronograph men’s watch offers a tachymeter bezel, with faceted markers. The TH designers have equipped the Carrera Laptimer with the Calibre S Electro-mechanical movement, which is personalized by TAG. This is a large model with a case diameter of 43mm. The back of the case is skeleton style, so you can observe the fascinating movement, and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Men’s Watch is stylish and offers precision accuracy.

Too Good To Be True, Breitling

Breitling watches are really superior timepieces.  They are crafted by master watch makers, and are respected as professional instruments.  These watches are all Swiss made and true quality pieces.  If you are a watch enthusiast, of any kind, you already know all this about Breitling.  Breitling’s are stylish, but the attention centers, mostly around performance.  If you want to own a Breitling watch, you probably bought it with a bit of both in mind, but you certainly wouldn’t ignore function, over form.  So, why are there so many Breitling replicas for sale?  If you are to Google Breitling, you will bring up a page with 1 legit dealer, and 30 replica ones.  Obviously, there is a market for these knock-offs, but I’m here to remind you that Breitling is so much more than a look.  The Company takes their business and their craft very seriously, and while they do have a signature style, they are also authentically well made.  These watches are crafted with exceptional attention to detail and made with the finest materials.  You can’t pick up a Breitling professional instrument for $39.99.  You can’t duplicate that kind of craftsmanship in that way.  Save your pennies and get the real deal…today, and in 30 years you’ll be glad you did.

Breitling’s Steelfish Is Sharp And Stunning

Breitling Steelfish Superocean

Breitling watches are appreciated by watch enthusiasts around the world.  This brand has an excellent reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, not to mention they are super-stylish.  Breitling has been crafting fine Swiss watches since 1884, and no one does it better.  They are definitely ahead of their time, when it comes to innovation and the Breitling Steelfish men’s watch is a testament to that.  The Steelfish is from their Superocean Collection.  The Breitling Superocean watches are professional diving instruments, which can withstand outrageous depths of up to 2000 meters…that would be just around 6000 feet, in laymen’s terms.  Most of us don’t intend to dive quite that deep, but if we did, this would be the watch we would want, and it looks even better on dry land.  The Steelfish is all stainless-steel, polished to a shiny finish.  It has a screw down crown and steel case.  The crystal is sapphire, and has been treated with glare proof material on both sides.  This men’s watch is an automatic chronograph, one of the movements for which Breitling is famous. The luminescent touches to the dial, make for easy reading. This watch is full of function and its monochromatic styling makes it irresistible!

Gucci’s Glamorous U-Play

Gucci New, Fun U-Play Watches

 Gucci has come out with some really trendy and fashionable designs, recently.  The Gucci U-Play watches have style and sophistication, yet offer a bit of whimsy.  They come with interchangeable components, which allow your personality to shine through.  The Gucci U-Play women’s watches have round dials, which are adorned with the G shadow logo.  One of my favorites features a brushed steel dial.  The monochromatic styling of this model is chic.  All of the Gucci u-play watches are Swiss Quartz movements and crafted by master watch makers.  The luxurious style and craftsmanship run head to head with Gucci.  The U-Play women’s line is crafted using some of the iconic features which have made Gucci famous.  The horsebit detailing is present, along with the Gucci “G” stamp on the bracelets inner side.  These watches retail for just under $700.00, and carry with them all of the Gucci glamour.  They come complete with scratch resistant sapphire crystals, and are water resistant to 99 feet.  All the Gucci U-Play watches are Swiss made and authentically Gucci.  These women’s timepieces are updated and elegant.  Their contemporary flare keeps them current, and Gucci styling makes them a traditional classic.

Fruits Watches Colorful Cosmo By Fruitz


Fruits Watches Cranberry Cosmo

Cocktail hour has never been as stylish as with the Fruits watches by Fruitz.  These fun and fruity creation from Fruitz are making a splash on the wrists of all the fashionistas.  The Fruitz Happy Hour Collection is made up of fruity concoctions like Cosmopolitan, which features a hot pink laser cut dial, and accenting seedling hour markers.  The Cosmo watch has a 43mm stainless-steel case, which has been highly polished, and offers day, date, and month dials.  Fruits watches are not only fun to look at, they are infused with Natural Frequency Technology.  This proprietary method is embedded in a special disk, which is placed inside the watch.  This technology will align you with the natural frequency of the Earth, and create a harmonious effect.  Wearers of the Fruits watches report better, more restful sleep, as well as better concentration and reduced stress.  These fruits watches by Fruitz are incredibly affordable, with models starting at $260.00.  The bright colors are appealing and will make you smile, and the Natural Frequency Technology will put you on your way to a more peaceful day.  Fruit watches come in fruit classic, fruit sorbet, and happy hour.  The Cosmopolitan is just one of the many tasty flavors of fruits watch.

Raymond Weil’s Ladies Toccata

Raymond Weil's Women's Toccata Watch

Raymond Weil designs vary widely in their looks.  You have the ultra modern versions, and then the traditional.  No matter which styling you prefer, Raymond Weil will never disappoint your need for high quality craftsmanship.  These Swiss watch makers know how to build a fine watch, and have been doing so for quite a few years, now.  This Company is privately owned and operated by the Weil’s, which means they have a vested interest in the success of their creations.  They take every step, from conception through completion seriously, and pay attention to every last detail, with care and consideration.  One of their more traditionally designed timepieces if the Toccata Women’s Watch.  This is a lovely example of RW’s ability to take an old world look and enhance it, with modern technology.  The beauty of the Toccata is evident.  It comes with a round, white dial, adorned by gold Roman numerals and arms.  The date window is tastefully displayed at the 3 o’clock mark, and the case is crafted of 18 carat gold.  The bracelet on this women’s watch is a combination of gold and stainless-steel, and presented in a 7 link chain fashion.  The ladies Toccata is elegant and sophisticated, with a timeless style and appeal, true to Raymond Weil form.

Movado Folio, Maybe Your First Watch

Movado Folio Men's Watch

Hey guys, if you don’t own a Movado watch yet, maybe the Folio will be your initial investment.  The Movado Folio Men’s watch is traditional Movado styling.  Maybe you just graduated from College, and are starting your career in business, this timepiece will carry you into the office, respectfully, or will take you out to dinner, dressed just right.  The Folio watch is a Swiss Quartz model, by Movado, and is very lightweight despite its gentlemen’s sizing.  The 0690301 Folio Men’s comes featuring a silver or black Museum dial.  The dial in completely undistracted by any embellishments, except for the signature Movado “dot”, which calls to attention that this is a Movado creation.  The crystal is a scratch resistant sapphire, and the case elements are crafted in 18 carat plated gold.  The case back is a screw in style, and the crown is a push in, for easy adjustments to the time.  The Folio has a black, genuine leather strap, with a hidden folding clasp, making for a handsome combination.  This men’s watch is water resistant for 99 feet, and can be purchased for under $500.00.  The Folio is a watch you can be proud to wear, and it will last…because it’s a Movado.

Breitling, The Book


Breitling, The Book

The ultimate maker of professional watches is Breitling, hands down.  This watchmaker does it right, and has a solid reputation.  The timekeeping instruments they create and produce are exceptionally functional.  If you have a desire to learn more about Breitling and their watch creations, I have a book for you.  Starting in 1997, the Breitling Company has been publishing, what they call the “Chronolog”.  This annual publication is around 200 pages and it’s full of valuable Breitling information.  Professional images, artfully illustrate the Breitling collection.  All of Breitling’s recently released watches are highlighted, along with a company timeline of events.  Each year the Chronolog unveils some new and exciting content.  These Chronologs are really well-made and filled with prices as well as pictures.  It’s a wonderful find for a watch enthusiast or anyone searching for a Breitling.  The Chronologs are available through the Breitling website, and best of all, it’s free.

The premier publication by Breitling is The Book.  The Book by Breitling retails for $175.00.  Sounds steep, but if you love Breitling, this is worth it.  The 336 page book chronicles Breitling’s history in its entirety, from the conception of the brand through today.  The Book is published in 5 languages including French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.  It is the only publication Breitling charges for, and is available at the Breitling site.