The Magic Behind Philip Stein Watches

Philip Stein watches do much more than tell time, they actually make you feel better. Yes, it’s true. Due to certain technologies that are embedded into the watch itself that then interact with your body; you can actually feel less stressed, less anxious, decrease the intensity of headaches, etc.

When celebrity “believers” like Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, and Rupert Murdoch agreed that wearing a Philip Stein watch actually did make them feel better, Philip Stein watches got quite an international boost as you can imagine.

The secret behind these “feel good” watches? Two technologies, one called the electromagnetic frequency and the other called a natural frequency, both which work within key frequency of 7-9 hertz, which according to the official Philip Stein website “encompasses the chief resonant frequency of the natural earth and is a frequency that is harmonious and grounding to life.”

The frequencies emitted from these technologies enter your body’s biofield. Your biofield is your “master energy field” that regulates all your bodily functions; both physical and emotional. These frequencies carry a message of relaxation to your biofield and when we relax, take adeep breath and calm down, we become less stressed. Unfortunately stress is something we all have too much of, so learning how to decrease its intensity and effect on us is important to living healthier and longer lives. It’s a known fact that too much stress can kill you. Stress provokes heart attacks.

There are three collections of Philip Stein men’s watches and Philip Stein women’s watches: the Signature, the Modern and the Prestige. Within the Signature collection is where one will also find Philip Stein bracelets that house the same teslar technology as the watches do.

The other good news about Philip Stein watches and bracelets is that they are not overly priced; many pieces come in at under $1,000. You cannot put a price on your health, so wearing one of these watches (every day, all day as Philip Stein suggests you do in order to reap the full benefits), may well be worth the investment.

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