The BR-03 Phantom by Bell & Ross

As we gear up for Halloween, all-black watches come to mind. Last year Bell & Ross came out with the BR-03 Phantom as a follow up to its popular BR-01 Phantom. Both models were released in limited editions of 500 pieces each year and sold out very quickly.

One may think that an all black watch would be hard to read, but that’s not the case here and it has something to do with the large 42 mm sized case. Some people find this large, rectangular shaped case uncomfortable on the wrist, but considering that this watch is near impossible to find, it’s not a big enough of a drawback to warrant much more mention. The case is made from carbon-blackened stainless steel.

The numbers, like the dial, themselves are large, giving them visibility. They are raised off the surface and coated in black photo-luminescent paint, allowing you to see what time it is even in the dark. To get this glow in the dark, the watch needs to be charged in the light, sometimes for longer than 5 minutes. The BR-03 Phantom emanates a powerful green glow after just absorbing natural daylight.

Although the case is large, 42mm, it’s not as large as some other BR watches that have 46mm, and at 10mm thickness they are relatively thin, making them not too bulky. The lugs curve to allow for a snug fit.

Like many other Bell & Ross watches, the BR-03 Phantom adheres to military specifications, making it a highly reliable watch.

This watch also comes in all white, all green (military color), all black with bright luminescent blue indications, all black with a stainless steel case and a few other options. Some come with black synthetic or rubber straps.

Although not terribly expensive, prices range from $3,000 – $5,000 these are hard to come by. If you spot one, grab it. Maybe even make an offer to someone who you see wearing it on the street.

Black will always be in and with so few all-black watches to choose from (Rolex does something similar but at a much higher price point) the BR-03 will always be a hit.

Trick or treat?

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