Impress Hime With A TAG Heuer Silverstone

TAG Heuer Silverstone Watches

Of course, TAG Heuer’s are known for their highly functioning chronographs.  The history of the chronograph was, in large part written by this legendary watchmaker, but they are ones to rest on their accomplishments of the past.  TAG Heuer is constantly researching new and more efficient way of timekeeping.  They are regularly producing new and modern designs, but every once in a while, they bring back something special.  I’m talking about the TAG Heuer Vintage Silverstone.  This iconic symbol of yesteryear makes a contemporary come back, and we’re so glad it did.  The Silverstone has a square dial, with gently rounded edges.  The dial comes in either a denim blue or a luxurious brown, with matching alligator leather straps.  The look has wide range appeal, and is based on the original version, which legendary actor Steve McQueen wore, back in the 60’s.  McQueen was the epitome of cool, and this choice still exudes that casual sense of confidence.  The Silverstone is a fully functioning chronograph, with sub dials that subtly blend in, yet are easy to read.  The bezel is crafted of a brushed stainless-steel, and finished to perfection.  The TAG Heuer Silverstone is classic and masculine.  The color choices are sophisticated and all grown up.  This is definitely a watch your man will love.

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