TAG Heuer’s Golfer’s Watch

TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch

TAG Heuer has an illustrious history in the watch making industry.  This company has seen many firsts in their days, patented many inventions, and developed some seriously chic watches.  Their chronographs are accurate and Swiss crafted quality instruments, and all of their designs have a panache and style that sets them apart from the pack.  Let’s take the TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch, for example.  The TH Men’s Professional Golf watch was designed with the help of legendary golfer, Tiger Woods.  The collaboration resulted in an ergonomically friendly and aesthetically pleasing timepiece.  It comes with either a monochromatic black or white styling, and is all weather proof.  The dials are uniquely textured to resemble a golf ball, and the cases are slender and curved to fit the line of your wrist.  The watch is equipped with shock resistance technology, so your swing won’t interrupt the movement, and the size and weight are proportioned for ultimate comfort.  The strap is designed of a durable rubber, and is fitted with an integrated double safety system.  The TAG Heuer Professional Golf watch comes in black, white, or pink (for the ladies).  It is an essential accessory for any golfer.  TAG Heuer, always striving for excellence.

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