TAG Heuer’s Luxe Timepieces

TAG Heuer Luxury Timepieces


Sure TAG Heuer watches are real performing instruments.  This company has been making sports timekeeping watches since the 1800’s.  The TAG Heuer dashboard chronograph was the first of its kind, and gave way to a revolutionary chain of events for this legendary watch maker.  Since 1860 the craftsmen at TAG Heuer have been striving for better and better ways to present their creations.  Their chronographs are among the finest in the world, but TH is not only famous for their innovativeness.  This avant-garde watch maker is well known for their styling and packaging of their timepieces.  The luxurious designs from TAG Heuer are something you shouldn’t pass up.  Take the women’s Formula One Collection, for example.  The Formula One watches are a lovely series of watches, adorned with lavish elements, like satiny Mother-of-Pearl, 18 carat gold, and sparkling diamonds.  They come with delicate rectangular dials, and feminine details.  And you guys have the Link Series.  The men’s’ Link watches feature highly polished stainless-steel and gold.  The dials are round and come either in steel or midnight black.  The bracelets on the Link Men’s watches are elegant and sophisticated.  They are an unusual and handsome style.  Yes, TAG Heuer produces some amazingly functional watches, but they definitely pay close attention to the aesthetic aspects of their timepieces, as well.

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