Steampunk Version of Devon Tread 1 Belt Driven Watch

by Chaz Nash


Recent luxury watch newcomer Devon has dawned a new face, and it’s industrial revolution Chic.


The Devon Tread 1 Belt Driven watch is the mechanical and innovative brain child of California company Devon Works, a fairly new comer to the watch industry, that is taking the luxury watch market by “perfect mechanistic storm.”  The Los Angeles based company is designing what it refers to as “The reinvention of the watch” – enough said.


Devon Works has an enviable advanced engineering manufacture and design lab that many industry watch newcomers would certainly covet. It is from Devon’s impressive design lab that its Steampunk version of Tread 1 was innovatively borne.


It’s all in the details


Steampunk Tread 1 Belt Driven watch began as a concept watch that garnered overwhelming response once watch aficionados got a visual whiff of its industrial revolutionary charm. At which point Devon realized it had struck a timely cord within the watch industry community, in particular the luxury watch industry community. The overwhelming response to the Steampunk version of Tread 1 ignited what Devon coins as the spirit of the “Age of Steam” and thus production for a limited edition watch.


Steampunk Tread 1 sports a bolted brass casing with an aeronautically engineered mechanical conveyor belt time system. The belts are made of fiber glass reinforced nylon with a thickness of 2/1000th of an inch to ensure the integrity of the timing belts strength. It functions with 2 microns thin conveyor belts that advance the numerals into the exact position at the precise moment of time. Housed inside the watch the small one-step motors have treads that produce a grinding noise as the motors turn the seconds belt – living up to its industrial true aesthetic form and function.


The watch’s movement is powered by a Lithium rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately two weeks which recharges using  wireless induction (charger is included with purchase of the watch). It also has an on/off button which is useful to conserve battery life when the watch is not being worn. It sports a rubber strap that is wide and wears comfortably on the wrist.


Devon Steampunk Tread 1 is a limited edition watch available in 150 pieces. The price is set at $25,000, but it is after all a vintage presentation of industrial revolution at arm’s length. Overwhelming response asked for this watch and an overwhelming price tag is appropriately attached! Instant gratifiers get what you ask for these days.

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