Seiko Unveils Luxury Watch Collection Abroad

Up until now, in the U.S. Seiko has been known as a manufacturer of sporty, high tech watches. But that image is about to change, since for the first time, their Elite Collection will be brought to the U.S. as well as be available internationally.

Seiko watches are built using four technologies: Spring Drive, Kinetic (quartz watch powered by human movement), Mechanical and Quartz.

Seiko has achieved many “world firsts” in its time, these being some of them: world’s first LCD quartz watch with six-digit digital display, world’s first multi function digital watch, world’s first TV watch, world’s first watch with computer functions, and Seiko Thermic, world’s first watch driven by body heat, among others.

The Elite Collection are all mechanical watches, representing another “first” for the brand and asserts them in a competitive place with other watch brands.  The Elite Collection brings with it three calibers, two of which are brand new developments by Seiko. Each watch within this collection uses Seiko’s SPRON 510 alloy, and classifies these watches as the “only luxury chronograph (that can) measure elapsed time in a unique, glide motion and not to the nearest tick, like its competitors.” The design of both the case and the dial is reminiscent of Katana, the ancient art of sword-making first developed over 800 years ago.

Seiko has received many awards over the years for its innovation. You can be sure they are standing by to see how this new collection will be received by the global watch market.

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