Raymond Weil, Inner Beauty Exposed

Raymond Weil Freelancer Black 8

Raymond Weil watches are quickly becoming some of the most fashionable Swiss timepieces on the market.  Their quality is never in question, and their dangerously stylish looks are creating quite a stir among watch enthusiasts.  The newest baby is the Freelancer Black 8.  This watch will amaze you, with its layers of distinctive qualities.  The materials used, and the architecture of the features give off a, decidedly new-age elegance.  Let’s start with the dial, which is made up of five individual and very different factors.  First, there is a window into the soul of the watch, showing off some of the inner, beautiful inner workings.  Next is the use of an art-deco style figure eight, crafted of a brushed stainless-steel.  The figure eight is set with brilliant diamonds, which uncharacteristically mark the hours.  The lower portion of the 8 is filled with a smooth black surface, while the background is in a black guilloche’ pattern.  The bezel is polished steel, which is set with more luxurious diamonds.  On paper, it might seem too busy, but one look at the Freelancer Black8 and you’ll realize that all of these components work together in harmony, creating a stunning outcome.  The Raymond Weil watches have a fresh and refined sense of style.

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