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The current Raymond Weil website proudly features a watch from their current selection, the Maestro Masterpiece Collection.  Complete with swirling sheets of music, consumers can nearly hear the time sing from the pictures alone.
That is not, however, what visitors to this site would have seen on February 4th.  In a salute to Facebook, the watch company redirected all those who entered their site to their brand’s Facebook page instead. This unusual move was in celebration of Facebook’s 9th birthday, and honored the marketing partnership Raymond Weil has forged with this social media company.



Raymond Weil and Facebook have worked together to create a brand marketing tool that revisits and rejuvenates all assumptions surrounding usual uses for social media.  Complete with photos, a Valentine’s Day contest and store locator, these two companies took the page one step further with the Watch Finder.  On a site all about customization and creating a space that is a reflection of one’s self, Raymond Weil’s Facebook page now offers the ability to find your own perfect watch without ever leaving that favorite social site.  Dozens of their finest timepieces lay on display, waiting for visitors to select and specify to find a watch–or two–to exactly match their individual style.  And if anyone should wish to delve even deeper into the options offered by these luxury watch makers, they are a mere click away from the usual glory of the Raymond Weil site.
This bold and brilliant marketing move hoped to inspire watch lovers to engage with the brand in a new and different way, exploring their options in a fresh setting with a unique backdrop.  Although today visiting Raymond Weil’s site will return visitors to the dazzle of the watches separate from Facebook blue, there still lies a page with exciting things to see from one of the top luxury watch brands of the day.  Happy Birthday to Facebook and three cheers to Raymond Weil.


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Written by Lindsey K. Cook

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