Oris Shines For Women, Too

Oris's Beautiful Women's Rectangular Diamond Watch


I think today, I’ll introduce you to Oris for women.  Yes, Oris makes fantastic and stunning women’s watches.  As with all the Oris lines, the Oris Rectangular Date Diamond Women’s Watch is packed with every bit of Oris ingenuity and traditional quality.  

This watch, like many of Oris’s watches is a unique design.  The rectangular dial has an art-deco resemblance, making it hip and chic.  There are four different versions of this timepiece, but my personal pick is the 01 561 7621 4964-07 8 16 75 stainless-steel.  This watch has a multi-piece stainless-steel case, topped with 42 glimmering diamonds.  The dial is jet black and is in perfectly glamorous contrast to the shiny stainless-steel case.  The hours are marked in graceful, overlapping script, giving off an artistic feel.  The bracelet is crafted of highly-polished stainless-steel and is equipped with a butterfly folding clasp. 

The Oris Rectangular Date Diamond watch is a automatic self-winding, with a bi-directional rotating red rotor (Oris’s signature).  It is water-resistant to 160 feet, but I doubt you will wear this lovely watch in the pool.  You will, however wear it everywhere else.  This is an Oris and made with precision and quality.  

This Oris women’s watch is elegant and understated, but if you desire a more sporty look…check out the black or white dial watches, that come with matching black or white leather bracelets.  Any way you cut it, this is a luxurious, well-made timepiece.

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