Oris Watches Are Timeless

Oris Creates Exceptional Timepieces

Oris was founded in the charming city of Holstein in 1904, and continues to create mechanical marvels from this small Swiss town.  Oris manufactures some of the most mechanically advanced timepieces in the world from their ever-evolving factory.  At the heart of their watches lies the red rotor.  This patented piece of equipment is what allowed their watches to go from hand-winding to automatic movement, and the vibrant red color is distinctive to Oris watches.

The Oris lines include the Motor Sport, The Diver, The Aviation, and the Culture series.  Each featuring different esthetics, but all carrying the Oris reputation.  Accuracy reigns supreme for Oris and each of their lines puts that concept first.

The Oris TT3 Chronograph is a boldly handsome watch.  It is made from a multi-piece titanium case and stainless-steel bracelet, with black PVD plating.  It has a dial of black carbon fiber, and formula-one styling.  This watch is black on black and has a very masculine appeal.

One of the watches from the Divers series is the Oris Divers Titan Chronograph.  This amazing watch partners all the features required on a professional divers watch with the functionality of chronographic movement.  Its super-luminous hands are displayed on a jet black dial.  This watch is stainless-steel and titanium, with screw-in security crown, screw-in pushers, and Helium valve.  It is water resistant to, an astounding 3281 ft.

Oris has not been making watches for as long as some of the major Swiss Watchmakers, but they are not behind the times.  They put out real working pieces of machinery.  Oris watches are on the cutting edge of technology and design.  Check out one of their unique creations, today.

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