Oris Swiss Watches One Hundred Year History

Over one hundred years ago, a couple of watchmakers from Holstein, Switzerland got together and created an extraordinary timepiece. They did this by taking over a closed watch factory and turning it into the Oris watch company that we know and love today.

By the year 1921, this new watch company already had ten watch factories spread across Switzerland, and it was time to start turning their pocket watches into wristwatches. Decades later, it is easy to see that their clean, no-nonsense interpretation of the wristwatch is what has set Oris apart from other watch makers.

In the 1940’s, Oris started making clocks, which dramatically increased sales for the company, as they became a pioneer in making clocks with an 8-day power supply.

By 1965, Oris was considered one of the ten biggest watch manufacturers in all of Switzerland, and it was then that the Oris automatic movement was born. This innovation was what spawned production of the famous Oris 645 self-winding movement.

Oris continues to improve upon its designs from the 70’s, like the Chronoris, which was the company’s first foray into chronograph watches. To this day, some of the most iconic and sophisticated Swiss watches are made by this legendary company that started in Holstein Switzerland over 100 years ago.

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