Omega Watches Are Out Of This World

Omega, Official Olympic Timekeeper

Omega Watches have been  premier watchmakers for decades.  The Omega Watch name stands for quality and style.  Innovation and state-of-the-art technology define Omegas philosophy, and these principles continue to push this company into the forefront of their field.

The Omega Watch logo has long been associated with excellence.  In 1999 Omega unveiled its first wristwatch featuring their Co-Axial mechanical movement.  This is, quite simply the most advanced, well-made mechanical watch movements in the world, and just one of Omegas accomplishments.

Omega Watches have been to the moon and back, literally.  In 1969 the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph was the first watch to travel to the moon, with Buzz Aldrin…and the speedmaster continues to be a standard piece of equipment on all space missions. 

As the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932, Omega is dedicated to maintaining their exceptional reputation.  Reflecting on the innovations in official timekeeping and creating technologies to accommodate for those advances has been a tireless effort by Omega.  The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, and will mark the 80th year that Omega has served as the official timekeeper.

If the Omega watch is good enough for the astronauts and Olympic athletes…I’m pretty sure they make a timepiece to my standards.  Omega…timeless, quality.

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