Omega Shines with Phelps and Rosolino

After much drama and analysis over bathing suits and world records, Michael Phelps, Ambassador for Omega watches, won against Serbian Milorad Cavic, who had become quite the rival. Phelps not only beat Cavic but became the first swimmer ever to break 50 seconds in 100 meter butterfly. The Serbian swimmer had earlier this month, also broken the 50 second mark, but Phelps swam faster at the Foro Italico race with a time of 49.82 seconds.

The reason this race and rivalry has received so much attention is two-fold. Since last year’s Beijing Olympics in this same 100 meter event, Cavic, who lost to Phelps by one-hundredth of a second, has maintained that the Omega timing systems were faulty and that he actually touched first and should have won the gold medal. Then came the recent insults about bathing suits, with Cavic offering to get Phelps one of the supposedly faster polyurethane suits, like the Arena-X Glide that he wears. But it seems that Phelps in his American-made Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit did just fine indeed.

After the race, the two rivals finally shook hands and Cavic did say one thing to Phelps: “You’re the man.”

Another amazing swimmer to join the Omega team is 30 year-old Italian Massimiliano Rosolino, becoming the company’s newest spokesperson.  

Omega signed Rosolino at the perfect time, since he will undoubtedly be one of the main stars at the next World Championships in Rome 2009. Omega will also be the official timekeeper of these games. Rosolino, who hails from Naples, always wears the Omega Seamaster that has his name inscribed on the back and which was given to him as a gift after his 2000 victory in Sydney. Rosolino has said that he loves Omega watches because “they express the good taste of those who wear them.”

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