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Omega Moon Watch
Omega Moon Watch

Omega watches are spectacular works of horologic art. Their most popular collection called the “Planet Ocean” has been featured in a variety of movies as well as on many celebrities’ wrists. The Planet Ocean is a diving watch that professionals use when scuba diving. It has an impressive water resistance up to 600 meters below sea-level. The rotating bezel allows divers to keep track of the amount of oxygen available to them at any given moment.

Omega also manufactures a mechanical watch designed for NASA space flight. The Omega Professional Moon Watch has a variety of features that distinguish it from any other timepiece. The mechanical movement does not feature a pendulum like ordinary automatic Omega watches. Scientists did not know how an automatic movement with a pendulum would respond to 0 gravity conditions. The special Hesalite crystal provides extreme protection for the most extreme conditions. After undergoing rigorous testing alongside competitor timepieces from Bulova, Rolex and Tag Heuer, Omega was bestowed with the privilege of being the first and only watch ever taken to the moon

Omega is also regarded highly by the official Olympic Committee. For this reason they the brand is the official time keeper for the Olympic Games. Omega has developed high-tech ways of measuring time for the special event. They have cameras that are synchronized to digital chronograph watches. By capturing high speed images of any event, omega can prove the precision of their time keeping instruments.

Whether is 600 meters below sea level, or on the moon, Omega Watches are incredible precision time-keeping instruments.

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