Omega Aqua Terra Luxury Watch

If not for the engineering and technical expertise behind each piece, the allure of designer watches usually comes from the luxury that they represent. The luxe factor accounts for many things – the stratospheric price tags, the elite clientele and the premium materials that go into each watch. The Omega Aqua Terra collection – the newest one from the prestigious company – has not just Omega’s signature expertise but also oodles of luxe. omega-aqua-terra-silver

Face value isn’t exactly a shallow factor with this collection of watches. Top Wesselton diamonds make up each of the hour markers for a total of almost 0.2 karats of precious rock. Another 44 diamonds – almost 0.8 karats of rock – are installed in the bezel. And instead of the teak concept used for the Aqua Terra collection, the Aqua Terra Jewelry line has vertically set diamonds to highlight the face.

Luxury goes from inside out in the Aqua Terra Luxury Watch line. The 30mm case of each watch is made from 18-karat white gold, matched by the 18-karat white gold bracelets. Each of the watches in the collection is an intimidating piece once it weighs in – there’s a total of about 18 karats’ worth of Top Wesselton diamonds in each timepiece. The highest end of the line is a watch that has over 1,400 Top Wesselton diamonds weighing over 17.5 karats.

Another one of the models in the collection has a case in white gold that’s set all throughout with over three dozen diamond baguettes totaling 1.32 karats. 1,560 more diamonds account for another 14 karats of weight. The third and last model in this collection has 726 diamonds for a total weight of over 7 karats.

omega-aqua-terra-blackIf the price tag is too high for you, the Aqua Terra collection has models available with a design – and a price tag – that’s a little less luxurious. Those models will have straps made of less premium materials. They will, for example, have stainless steel bracelets and cases instead of the classic gold. Even if you won’t be wearing 18 karats on your wrist, you can rest assured that you’re still getting the same quality that the Omega name represents.

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