New Alacria Diva Bamboo Watch by Carl F. Bucherer

Written by Evan Gabriel


In the 1880s, entrepreneur Carl Friedrich Bucherer pursued his dream of producing top-end timepieces meant to leave a mark in history. With the new version of the Alacria Diva watch, the Bucherer company continues to raise industry standards by introducing the Alacria Diva Bamboo.


Produced with precision by stonecutters in workshops in Lengnau, Switzerland, the Alacria Diva Bamboo replicates the very beauty and exoticism associated with bamboo in many Eastern cultures. In Japan, for example, bamboo represents purity while in India the tree symbolizes friendship.


The limited edition Alacria Diva Bamboo is aimed at capturing the essence of individuality; made for women, this slender timepiece is decorated with 83 orange and black baguette-cut sapphires that radiates with beauty.


While the outer case is adorned with 239 black sapphires, it also contains 90 orange and black baguette-cut sapphires to elegantly accent the lighter orange strap, which is made of top quality Louisiana alligator skin.


Although bamboo was not used in the production of these watches, there is a high premium for buyers because in addition to the large orange sapphire encrusted into the crown, each model will have a custom-made dial.


Only 25 models of this limited edition watch are being released. The delicate care that goes in to creating each model’s dial requires a high standard of dedication from the watchmakers.


Powered by quartz movement, the watch sits in a 31. 35 mm x 45 mm case. In addition, these elegant timepieces are water resistant up to 30 meters.


Each of the Alacria Diva Bamboo watches contain the care and quality that Carl Friedrich Bucherer set out for when he opened his first watch store in 1888, and which his family continues to strive for even after winning the “Best Chronograph” award at the “Middle East Premier Awards for Watches, Jewellery and Pens,” in 2012.

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