Movado Offers Timeless Style

Movado watches define style

Back in 1881, when 19 year old Achille Ditesheim founded Movado, I wonder if he had the vision of what this company would become.  From his small village in Switzerland, is it possible he had could imagine the 100 patents and the 200 International awards that would be part of the Movado legacy…or was he, simply following his passion?

Design, innovation, and quality are keywords when thinking of Movado.  Creating many of the most sought-after timepieces has made Movado famous.  The company didn’t stop with their dedication to beautiful design, there was enormous attention paid to functionality and comfort.  In 1912 Movado patented a revolutionary movement, designed to fit into a case that was curved to the line of the wrist.  These, seemingly small adjustments made huge differences in the look and feel of a Movado watch.

The most well-recognized watch in the line is the Museum.  It is presented with a clean, blank face, only embellished with a single dot at the 12 o’clock mark.  This watch has become an iconic symbol of modern design and was the first watch to ever be chosen as part of a permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

Movado’s delicate designs distinguish them from other watchmakers and that style, naturally transitioned the company into jewelry making.  With boutiques around the world, Movado offers exquisite jewelry made from 18 ct. gold, gemstones, and their patented 114 facet Movado Diamond.

Movado, literally translates into, “always in motion”, and that standard is what sets Movado apart.  I for one, believe that young entrepreneur would be proud and excited to see that his vision has been expanded beyond his own imagination.  Movado is style, design, and innovation at its best.

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