Movado Watches, Revisit The Museum

Movado Watches Museum, Timeless

Movado is a brand that you can’t help but love.  The clean Movado watches  lines that they are famous for have been their signature style for over 100 years.  The Movado Museum watch gained worldwide attention and acclaim when released, and the Collection continues to be very popular today.  If, for some reason, you’re not familiar with this lovely watch line, let me peak your interest.  The Museum Series from Movado watches is a collection of beautiful and stylish men’s and women’s timepieces.  The look is fresh and clean…some would call it minimalistic.  I call it gorgeous.  Not often can a watchmaker create a design that is so, totally unisex.  The dials are all blank canvases, only embellished by the signature Movado watch dot.  This logo is always placed at the 12 o’clock mark, and is the number one telling feature of Movado watches.  Whether you a sophisticated lady, who loves the artistry of Movado, or a successful businessman, with no time for complications…Movado is your pick.  The classic black dial, encased in gold is a fine example of the Museum.  This version comes with a deep black alligator leather strap, for the guys.  And, there is always the same, slightly smaller size for the ladies.  Take another look at Movado watches, you’ll love what you see!

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