Movado, Bela is Lovely

Movado's Beautiful Watches

In recent years Movado, like many other watch makers have had to step up their game.  The rough economy has taken a toll on sales for all, and Movado took notice.  The Swiss watch maker is smart and savvy.  They have never over priced their watches, and that is a plus when money is tight.  Movado offers beautiful watches and jewelry, creatively designed, at affordable prices.  Along with their main collections, Movado has been busy developing new products, which take their styling in some different and quite interesting directions.  They now offer us designs with elaborately displayed dials, and larger, bolder watches.  Movado has broadened their scope artistically, to keep up with the times.  Never trendy, Movado remains the solid, quality watch maker they have always been, they just added a bit of flare to their mainly minimalistic creations, but I have to say that I still love the classic Movado.  The Belamoda 606263 is a beautiful and graceful design by Movado.  It has a delicate round dial, which is mimicked throughout the bracelet.  This version is in a polished stainless-steel, and tastefully adorned with sparkling diamonds.  It’s a Quartz model, with the traditional black Museum face, and it’s elegant.  Movado…no bad choices!

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