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It’s a fact that certain products are created for certain groups of people, niche audiences, as they’re known. When it comes to luxury goods, the audience brands want are people with money, enough money that they barely have to look at or analyze a price tag before deciding whether or not to purchase the item.

Well, Moni Ducci watches targets a very specific group; those with money that travel frequently via airplanes. The brand Moni Ducci was created with travel retail being its main target. Items include men’s and women’s accessories, watches, eyewear, leather goods and clothes.

The duty free industry is a bustling one as there are duty free shopping zones and magazines in all airports and planes all over the world; and even those with lots of moolah like to not to have to pay taxes (the incentive behind duty free shopping).

Moni Ducci was launched in May of 2008 in perhaps what is the top duty free shopping zone ever: Dubai. Three months after the launch, Moni Ducci watches were listed in onboard magazines for Etihad Airlines, Eva Airways and Qatar Airways.

Niveen Ibrahim , the Travel Retail GM for Moni Ducci said that the brand is releasing a new collection of luxury men’s and women’s watches that will range in price from  $500 – $1,180 dollars, quite a deal actually.

He goes on to explain that “travelers are well aware of the brands and are exposed to luxury on a daily basis. The most important thing for a new emerging brand is to be innovative and different. Obviously, there is no compromise on quality.”

Moni Ducci watches are made for those that have an eye for fashion and like wearing something that not everyone else does. Their women’s luxury watches are particularly colorful, with engravings of birds, butterflies, plants and flowers found on the dials.

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