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Watches, An Individual Choice

So Many Watches To Choose From

What are your favorite watches?  What is it you even look for in a watch?  Some of us want sleek and sophisticated models, some more fun and colorful versions.  Whatever your taste, watch choices are endless.  You may look at the Cartier Tank and fall in love.  The Tank by Cartier has been one of their trademark pieces for decades.  The lines of this watch are stylish and clean.  The Tank can be all shiny stainless-steel, 18 carat gold, or embellished with luxurious, sparkling diamonds…your choice.  Maybe instead of the classic like Cartier, you prefer a more fashion forward brand, like Michele watches.  These lovely timepieces feature interchangeable bracelets for most of their watch faces, allowing you to dream up your own creation!  Some Michele watches are vibrantly colored, with hues of pink, green, yellow, and turquoise blue.  Other women’s watches by Michele are more subdued, accenting style with steel and gold models.  Modern and sophisticated, or trendy and playful…Michele watches may be for you.  Or, you may just be a sportier gal and be drawn to brands like Tissot.  Tissot makes really high quality Swiss timepieces, and are famous for that.  Watches are as individual as you are, and the fit should be right.  Good luck finding your perfect mate.

Tissot, A Name You Can Trust

Tissot, A Quality Brand

If excellence and quality are what you’re searching for, Tissot is the place to look.  Tissot’s Swiss precision quality is known worldwide.  The accuracy of their timepieces is what makes Tissot a force to deal with in the watchmaking industry.  Tissot stands behind their products, offering a full two year warranty on any item purchased from an authorized Tissot dealer.  The use of strong, durable materials, such as Titanium, PVD, stainless-steel, and 18 carat gold ensure the long life of these watches.  The inner workings of these Swiss made marvels, and the innovative technology that Tissot has developed over the years, ensure that a Tissot timepiece will tick on and on.  Down to the tiniest detail, Tissot tests their products for strength and durability.  The leather straps are tested to make certain no color transfer takes place under wet conditions.  The strength of the stainless-steel and PVD bracelets are checked under stressful conditions.  Even the movements are put through strenuous tests and must be able to withstand up to 10,000 oscillations without incident.  When all the testing is over, and the final timepiece is produced…you can rest assured that the end result will be excellent!  The care that Tissot takes in designing and crafting their watches give me confidence in their brand.  Discover Tissot, today.

Watches, Watches, And More Watches

Beautiful Watches Galore

Timepieces come in many forms.  The watch has transformed over the years, from merely a way to measure time…to a fashion statement.  Jewelry-makers and designers have put their hats in the ring, and created watches with style and elegance, that really perform with precision accuracy.  Here are a couple of those artistic interpretations highlighted for you.

The Gucci YA068567 Bamboo Women’s Watch is gorgeous.  Gucci, famous designer of jewels, clothing, handbags, and numerous accessories has been very successful in the world of watchmaking.  This women’s watch is a beautiful example of Gucci elegance.  The Gucci 6800 Bamboo Watch series offers several different combinations of materials.  You have the Stainless-steel paired with different colored bamboo bracelets (black, white, bamboo tan, etc.).  Also there is the gold-toned Bamboo women’s watch, and finally (my favorite) the polished stainless-steel case and bracelet, with diamond accents.  This version comes with a Mother-of-Pearl dial and the classic Gucci logo at the top.  Beautiful!

Another Jeweler gone watchmaker is Cartier.  The Cartier watch has always shown style and opulence.  I love the Classic Tank.  Its shape is true Cartier, and this watch comes in so many varieties.  If you like Cartier, you can’t go wrong with the Tank.  Their newest versions are hip and chic, even coming in vibrant colors.

Authentic Watches

Authentic watches are classics

Rolex is, arguably the most recognized luxury watchmaker in the world.  Rolex has become a symbol of wealth and success in our culture in the states, and around the world. Wearing one of these coveted watches is a sign that you have arrived, and that status is what many of us dream of.  The Rolex Presidential is worn by many company heads, and signifies to others your position.

Cartier was founded back in 1847 and has remained a premier, quality watchmaker since.  Cartier is sophistication, epitomized. Creating many diverse and beautiful designs, has served Cartier well.  The name stands for luxury and high quality, and the look of these watches is unmistakable.

These timepieces aren’t merely functional, they tell a bit of a story.  They become, very much a part of whom we are…or who we want to portray to the world.  The wrist-watch has become an extension of our personality, and an emblem or our achievements.

Authenticity can take many forms, when we are speaking of watches.  It can come in a very expensive package or in a simple brown box.  To me, authenticity means honest, steadfast, quality.  Many watchmakers today fall into that category.

The authentic watch for you has to be made well, feel and look amazing enough on you to wear everyday, and be matched with your pocket-book.  Be choosy…this is something you’ll have for quite a while.

Watches, Then And Now

The first watch was created in Italy around 1500 CE, yet the Egyptians were using sun-dials to keep time even before that.  The early timepieces were quite inaccurate and not very user-friendly.  It wasn’t until nearly 100 years later that watches were invented that could keep time to the fraction of the minute.  Before this, keeping time was only as accurate as down to the fraction of the hour.

Over time technology has improved, greatly.  Accurate timekeeping is invaluable and often taken for granted in our advanced society.

Back as early as the 1600’s we began decorating our watches.  The watch was looked at as more of a piece of jewelry, and watchmakers showcased this by engraving watches and encrusting them with stones and gems.

As time passed, watches became smaller and more polished in appearance.  Thus, more sought after and readily available.  Watchmakers from around the world worked on perfecting their trade.

Until the early 1800’s watches were all hand-made.  The parts, of course, were not interchangeable.  The Swiss would soon change this.  They believed that was a huge market for mass production watches and went forward in creating that.

Fast forward to today and you will find many, quality, accurate, mass-produced watches.

The history of the watch has seen much innovation, but a watch does more than simply tell time.  Your watch makes a statement about you.  Are you practical or artistic?  Do you like bright or muted colors?  Do you want to blend in with the crowd or sparkle?  All of these questions can be answered by looking at your wrist.  A watch is something you wear everyday, it is an extension of your personality.

Albert Einstein wore a Gold Longines, John F. Kennedy wore the Omega Ultra-Thin, and President Barrack Obama wears the Elini New Yorker Men’s Chronograph.

Whatever statement you want to make about yourself…there is a wrist-watch out there to convey it.

Cruise donates Breitling to charity auction

At the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, Tom Cruise was honored as the Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award. And who better to present him with this award than John Travolta, the Ambassador of Aviation. Cruise was awarded a bird shaped statuette and a Breitling watch which he promptly donated to a charity auction that evening.

Travolta has always been known for his obsession with planes. He is a certified pilot and owns five aircraft. One of his collection is the Australian Boeing 707-138 airliner. He acts as an ambassador for Qantas whose insignia remains are still visible on the plain. On his $4.9 million estate in Florida, Travolta has his own runway and taxiway till the front door.

It is with this history that Travolta was seen as the perfect one to award Tom Cruise with the Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award. Cruise received the award not only for his own passion in flying and planes, but mainly for his movie Top Gun which features the most grossing aviation scenes of all time.

Many other awards were presented during the evening, most notably the First Out of This World Landing and Take-Off Award, which was awarded to Dr. Buzz Aldrin for his  own accomplishments in aviation and exploration. When he was younger, Aldrin flew 66 times on missions to Korea. He is one of 12 astronauts to ever walk on the moon.

The Legends awards gala is organized by the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, which is a non-profit organization that introduces children to aviation.

Watches are Getting Bigger as the Dollar Shrinks

Big watchesWhen it comes to watches, especially luxury watches, customers want to get what they pay for.  With the value of the dollar shrinking, many smart watch companies are making their watches bigger.  Even if it is just psychological, the average person still things bigger is better.

Take, for example, the Oris Aviation Big Crown watch.  The name says it all.  This men’s watch features a plexi-domed sapphire crystal over a stainless steel case that measures an impressive 44mm in diameter.  With a wide selection of strap and bracelet options, an automatic winding movement, and a Guilloche anti-reflective black dial, these watches are a great example of an oversized crown.

Another aptly named watch is the Concord C1 Big Date, with a case that measures 44cm in diameter.  Its exacting construction houses over 40 individual parts, including a rubber coated ring that is there to protect it from scratches.  These massive and striking men’s watches have a fluted screw-down crown that is crafted from rubber, steel and composite materials.

Lastly, from Jaeger LeCoultre comes the Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph which, while it doesn’t have the word “Big” in its name, comes in at a hearty 46.3mm in diameter.  This is one of those watches that looks like it is made for action; with a black rubber strap, black dial, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Three New “Auto Watches”

They’ve come to be known as “auto watches” – luxury watches that are born from a partnership with a luxury automobile brand or racing event. The thinking goes that if someone can afford to drive a high end, limited production automobile, that person is also game to buy the specially made, limited edition watch that “goes with” the car.Jaeger Aston Martin

This is not a new concept; TAG Heuer and Porsche Carrera have a partnership, as do Breitling and Bentley, Tissot and Nascar, and others. Here are three newcomers:

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin

Only 300 pieces of what’s to be called the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT will be made. The watch will feature a round case made of ceramic, a first for this watchmaker. It will run on the automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 988 tourbillon movement, “driving two time-zone displays with more than a glimpse of the tourbillon mechanism. Most remarkable of all is the openworked dial, giving a full view of the ruthenium-coated bridges and baseplate.”

EDOX and KoenigseggEDOX and Koenigsegg

Only 30 of these hand-made Edox-Koenigsegg Chronograph watches will be made.  “The outstanding visual feature of this timepiece is the pair of hinged ‘doors’ that protect the crown – imitating the gullwing design of the Koenigsegg CCR sportscar.”

Hublot and the Automobile Club de FranceHublot and Automobile club de France

A limited edition series of men’s and women’s “drive” chronographs by Hublot for the oldest automobile club in the world will feature the colors of the ACF. “The skeleton dial, which reveals a section of the movement, is surrounded by a black ceramic case and bezel.”

Most likely watch and automobile aficionados will see more of these “auto watches” at the BaselWorld show in March of 2010.

The Beauty of Alain Silberstein Watches

One of the greatest feats in horology is achieving precision with the work of the hand, and encasing it in beauty with the imagination of the mind. Alain Silberstein timepieces capture every single aspect of watch making tradition with one very distinctive difference. Their beauty does not lie in the magnificence of their movements, but rather in the avant-garde vision of their design. Alain Silberstein is a French interior architect and designer by profession, who in the late 1980’s joined the reluctance of Swiss watch manufacturers unwilling to let the art of mechanical watches become extinct.

The quartz craze in the 80’s threatened the survival of watch making as an art, and is considered “The Dark Age” of watch manufacturing by horologists.  More than 2 decades later, Alain Silberstein watches are considered delicate works of modern art that resemble the works of Picasso or Britto.

The neo-pop theme is clearly evident in the timepieces’ vibrant colors which contrast each other in deep tones. Although the watches are modernly designed to excite onlooker’s sight, they are also crafted with traditional watch-making precision and dedication. Alain Silberstein and his 15 professional watchmakers produce a limited collection of 1,000 timepieces per year. The irony lies in that Silberstein was one of the most outspoken critics of the industry’s adaptation to quartz in the 80’s, due to a sense of respect and value for the traditional human elements that were involved in mechanical watch making. Silberstein’s timepieces however, are considered progressive, ultra contemporary watches that negate the traditional watch designer’s aesthetical vision.