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Tag Heuer – Making History with Time

Jimmy Spithill, America’s youngest winner of the America’s Cup, stated, “The Competition is why you do it. As an athlete, you want to be challenged and the harder it is, the more exciting it is” (30 Years of Aquaracer).

Spithill knew what he was doing as he glanced down at his Aquaracer Calibre 72 Countdown Chronograph Limited Edition on his wrist. With time being incredibly important during Oracle Team USA crew’s sailing competition, The TAG Heuer brand made it not an option to let the hard-working men down in the big race.

The partnership between the brand and Oracle Team USA was shown in the 34th America’s Cup, representing “the Aquaracer’s 30-years reign at the luxury helm of yachting elegance” (30 Years of Aquaracer).

Tag Heuer, a Swiss brand, was acclaimed as the Official Timekeeper of Intrepid, the America’s Cup winner, in 1967, moving on to many more huge accomplishments.

In 2009, TAG Heuer “launched its most charismatic collection of water sports-inspired watches yet: the Aquaracer 500M, a diving chronograph with automatic helium valve, water resistant to 500 meters” (30 Years of Aquaracer).


The watch has a legacy behind it and is inspired by its past and present partnership with the Oracle Team USA. Altogether, “it is a sportswatch, inspired by and designed for the best sailors in the world’s most prestigious race” (30 Years of Aquaracer).

As for the design of the watch, it features many details oriented significantly for the TAG Heuer watch itself. It “carries the classic TAG Heuer features that make the Swiss brand the undisputed world leader for sports chronograph design and performance” (30 Years of Aquaracer).

To this day, TAG Heuer brand is one of the largest, well known “and most desired brands in the luxury watch industry; the Swiss legend draws upon its active engagement in the world of sports to create the most accurate timing instruments and watches in the world” (30 Years of Aquaracer).

TAG Heuer has been featured in many athletic fields over the years. “From the Olympic Games in the 1920s to its role as official timekeeper for Formula One in the 1990s and the legendary Indy 500 race today, TAG Heuer, in a constant quest for innovation, excellence, performance and prestige, continues to aim even higher” (30 Years of Aquaracer).

Thanks to the TAG Heuer press release, 30 Years of Aquaracer, we have statements and evidence of absolute excellence of the constantly growing brand.

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The TAG Heuer Women’s Golf Watch WAE1114FT6011

Brighten Her Day With a Pink TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer Women’s Golf Watch WAE1114FT6011 is so pretty and delicate for a sport timepiece.  Developed and worn by world famous golfer Tiger Woods, the TAG Heuer Golf Watch has been specially designed with the needs of a golfer in mind.

The TAG Heuer Women’s Golf Watch WAE1114FT6011 is made from the finest materials and with all of the quality craftsmanship that we are used to from TAG Heuer.  This highly regarded watchmaker has gone to great lengths to make this watch stand out from the rest.  The TAG Heuer Women’s Golf Watch WAE1114FT6011 offers a Swiss quartz movement, which you will find extremely accurate and reliable.  The dial is crafted from soft, pink Mother-of-Pearl and features a date aperture.  The watch face is covered by a highly scratch resistant Sapphire crystal.  The case and bezel are made from strong stainless-steel.  The case measures 38mm in diameter and features a screw down backing.  The pink dial is complimented with a matching pink rubber strap and deployment buckle for safety. 

The TAG Heuer Women’s Golf Watch WAE1114FT6011 is water resistant to 99 feet, making it the prettiest accessory you will wear in the rain.  Pink yours up at Variety Watches.  Spring is just around the corner.

TAG Heuer Carrera Coming Of Age

TAG Heuer Laptimer

TAG Heuer has a strong reputation as a premier sport luxury watch maker. The brand has been building in popularity since 1860, and is not slowing down, yet. Their innovative designers continue to come out with creative and highly impressive timepieces. Living up to their Swiss avant-garde name, TAG Heuer forges into the future, offering us only the best in men’s and women’s watches. The men’s Carrera watches are one perfect example of that ingenuity and professionalism. The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre S Laptimer Men’s Watch offers extreme functionality, along with advanced styling. If is inspired by the 1964 Carrera, which it pays homage to. The dial features race car like sub dials, which are colored in black, white, and splashes of red. This chronograph men’s watch offers a tachymeter bezel, with faceted markers. The TH designers have equipped the Carrera Laptimer with the Calibre S Electro-mechanical movement, which is personalized by TAG. This is a large model with a case diameter of 43mm. The back of the case is skeleton style, so you can observe the fascinating movement, and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Men’s Watch is stylish and offers precision accuracy.

TAG Heuer’s Edgy Orange Formula One

TAG Heuer's Orange Formula One Pops With Color

I have gone on and on, singing the praises of Tag Heuer and their amazing watches.  This avant-garde watch maker creates sleek and innovative designs for both men and women.  They are styled for the sport luxury watch enthusiast, and are loaded with functionality.  TAG Heuer’s Formula One men’s watches are stunning, and come in an array of colors and unique materials.  The CAH1113.BT0714 is one of my favorite models.  It is a chronograph, with an edgy orange dial.  The pop of color is accented by silver arms and sub dials.  TAG is well known for their chronographs and this model comes with Swiss Quartz movement, making it easy to maintain and very affordable.  The date window on this Formula One is located in an off set fashion, between the 3 and 4 o’clock settings.  The case is crafted of stainless-steel, measuring 41mm in diameter.  TAG has used a screw down case back and crown, as with most of their watches.  The Orange Formula One men’s watch features a rubber strap, which is stamped with the TAG Heuer name, and fitted with a folding safety clasp.  To top it off, this timepiece is water resistant to 200 meters (that’s 656 feet)!

TAG Heuer’s Mercedez Benz SLR

TAG Heuer's SLR is Sport Luxury at it's Finest

TAG Heuer’s Mercedez Benz SLR Collection epitomizes the term “sport luxury”.  These watches have style and class, galore!  TAG has pulled out all the stops, when creating this line of timepieces.  The functionality is that of modern Swiss ingenuity, and the form is phenomenal.  The cag7010.ba0254 model is a quartz battery chronograph by TAG.  It features a black dial, with easy to read white and red accents.  The crystal is a scratch resistant sapphire, and the bezel is in black with a functioning tachymeter.  These watches are modeled after the SLR’s instrument panel, and have a professional appearance.  TAG has crafted this watch with meticulous care to detail.  The case is made from strong stainless-steel, and has a screw down case back.  This version is finished with a combination of materials.  The bracelet is in steel, and has been completed with a brushed and polished sheen.  This men’s watch not only looks good on dry land, but is water resistant to 656 feet!  TAG’s have an unmistakable look, which makes them really appealing, and this Mercedez Benz SLR only reinforces that.  Other models offer different colored dials and rubber straps, but this one suits me best.  The jet black dial and the impeccable finishing touches make this watch stand out.

Keep It Hot With The TAG Heuer Formula One

TAG Heuer's Formula One Makes Summer Even Hotter

Ok, summer has finally arrived!  We are spending more time out doors, golfing, swimming, and playing…so we need a watch that will keep up with our active lifestyles, right?  TAG Heuer has that watch; in fact they have many to choose from.  TAG Heuer is the industries leader in luxury sport watches.  Of course they are extremely well made, but in addition to that, their styling is modern and their looks are contemporary.  The TAG Heuer watch will always have an edge to it, which will set if apart from the crowd.  One of their stylish creations comes in the form of the TAG Heuer Formula One Men’s Watch, model WAH111B.BA0850 .  This watch is all about function.  It is one of TAG Heuer’s famous chronographs.  This Formula One has a steel dial, fitted with two toned hour markers, silver hands, and silver sub dials.  The chronograph sub dials are accented by a bright splash of red for added interest.  This is a Swiss Quartz model, and will be accurate and reliable.  The date calendar is located in the 6 o’clock setting.  This men’s watch comes with a steel strap, in a brushed finish.  It is functional and stylish.  This watch will make a great impression at all your summertime events!

TAG Heuer Monaco Means Business

TAG Heuer's Monaco Men's

 TAG Heuer Monaco watches have been enormously popular ever since their first release, many years ago.  The styling of the Monaco is that of a vintage timepiece.  Their softly squared off case, and dials were revolutionary at the time of the Monaco’s conception, and even today, this designing is unique and stands out among its competitors.  TAG Heuer doesn’t simply make a great looking watch; they masterfully craft instruments of timekeeping, like no other watch maker around.  Their productions are always ahead of their time.  This avant-garde company is constantly creating new and innovative timepieces, and improving on their watches of the past.  The Monaco is one of those watches, which TAG has re-vamped and brought back on several occasions, and we are so glad they did.  The TAG Heuer Monaco Men’s watch CAW2110-FC6177 is a handsome version of this iconic timepiece.  This automatic chronograph by TH features a black dial, with two toned hands, arms, and indexes.  This Swiss made chronograph is a self winding model.  It offers a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and stainless-steel case.  The case back is a skeleton style, with visible movement.  Variety watches is offering this watch at a 36% discount, making the final price $2,870.  This is a fantastic deal on a phenomenal timepiece.

Hey Dad, How About A TAG Heuer?

TAG Heuer Watches For Father's Day

What will you get Dad this year, for Father’s Day?  If he has a set of golf clubs, you might want to think about a gorgeous watch from TAG Heuer.  TAG’s are famous for their chronographs.  Their styling is phenomenal and their avant-garde creations are sure to make Dad happy.  If you have a golfer in your life, maybe the TH link or the Professional Golf watch is the direction you should look.  The Link Collection is sophisticated and dressy, so if he likes to get gussied up, this would be the perfect pick.  It was designed, with the help of golfing legend, Tiger Woods, and is not only a great looking watch, but ergonomically comfortable, as well.  The curvature of the case mimics the lines of the wrist, creating a smooth effect.  These watches are bold in size, but created with lightweight materials, to add appeal.  The Professional Golf watch, on the other hand, is very sporty and handsome.  This sport luxury watch comes in monochromatic stylings of either black or white.  The dials are square in shape and textured with a golf ball motif.  Even if Dad doesn’t play golf, he will enjoy either of these watches.  Swiss made quality and the TAG Heuer name,  the combination is perfectly pleasing.

Formula One From TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Formula One Men's in Black and White

Does your guy love down hill racing, motor cross, or high speed Formula One racing?  If so, you might want to fit him with a TAG Heuer Formula One watch.  TAG Heuer has many versions of the Formula One timepiece to choose from.  The colors are vibrant, the quality is unmatched, and the functionality is out of this world, because they’re made by the finest watch maker in the industry.  TH is a premier sport luxury watch maker, and has been so for over 150 years.  This company has a passion for the sports world and timekeeping, and that shows up in their innovative designs.  The WAH1011-BT0717 Formula One Men’s watch is one fine example of their exceptional style and craftsmanship.  This men’s watch is a Swiss Quartz model from TH.  It features a white dial, with contrasting black numbers, indexes, and sub dials.  The unidirectional bezel is done up in black, with bold white numbering.  This watch offers a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and a stainless-steel case, with a screw down backing.  This piece has a powerful look, with its black and white motif.  The look is completed with a black rubber strap.  This is a hot look for any man.  It’s sporty and striking, and it’s a TAG!

TAG Heuer’s Golfer’s Watch

TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch

TAG Heuer has an illustrious history in the watch making industry.  This company has seen many firsts in their days, patented many inventions, and developed some seriously chic watches.  Their chronographs are accurate and Swiss crafted quality instruments, and all of their designs have a panache and style that sets them apart from the pack.  Let’s take the TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch, for example.  The TH Men’s Professional Golf watch was designed with the help of legendary golfer, Tiger Woods.  The collaboration resulted in an ergonomically friendly and aesthetically pleasing timepiece.  It comes with either a monochromatic black or white styling, and is all weather proof.  The dials are uniquely textured to resemble a golf ball, and the cases are slender and curved to fit the line of your wrist.  The watch is equipped with shock resistance technology, so your swing won’t interrupt the movement, and the size and weight are proportioned for ultimate comfort.  The strap is designed of a durable rubber, and is fitted with an integrated double safety system.  The TAG Heuer Professional Golf watch comes in black, white, or pink (for the ladies).  It is an essential accessory for any golfer.  TAG Heuer, always striving for excellence.