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Michele Watches sales rise despite economy

The Miami-spirit infused collection by Michele Watches
The Tropical Paradise collection by Michele Watches
Although Fossil Inc., the makers of luxury brand watches such as Michele Watches, thought that their sales would be lower last year than usual due to the bad economy and business analytical predictions, the company revealed that they actually had an unusual increase. After its 2009 surprise success, the company has taken on new expectations for 2010.

In a press statement, the chief executive of Fossil said that even though the economy remains uncertain, he believes that his companies are in a good position innovatively, qualitatively and promotionally. He says the company plans to continue to promote its brands and try to up the sales despite the grim times.

Sources inside the company revealed that the luxury watch brand Michele Watches had outperformed the overall category during the last holiday quarter.

Michele Watches has been a luxury watch company with a reputation for quite some time. Its distinctiveness is expressed in its cool, sunny designs, made to capture the vibrant Miami lifestyle. The company’s different models are bedecked with gorgeous diamond cases, mother-of-pearls diamonds and other unique features. The vast range of trendy interchangeable wrist straps makes the watch wearing experience more fun and attractive.

The watches Michele Watches manufactures can be pointed out by their beautiful fusion of tradition grace and contemporary fashion.