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Red Apple Fruits Watch, Just What The Doctor Ordered

Crisp Red Apple Fruits Watches

Your mother always told you that an apple a day would keep the doctor away, but did you believe her?  After you hear about the new Fruits watches by Fruitz, you just might just realize how smart your mom was.  Red Apple is just one of the many Fruits Watches fun and tasty flavors.  Their designs are inspired by freshly cut fruit, and each watch is infused with Natural Frequency Technology.  The idea behind the watches is simple, healthy, stress free living…who doesn’t want some of that?  This proprietary technology helps to get you aligned with your surroundings, by emitting a frequency, which matches that of the natural Earth.  The resulting benefits are better, more restful sleep, a clearer head during the day, and reduced stress.  By the way, they’re great looking, too.  This one comes with a white laser cut dial, and tine black seeds, which act as hour markers.  The strap is crafted in an apple red rubber, and is super comfy.  Order through www.fruitzwatches.com and you’ll receive free shipping (except in Florida), and excellent service.  Fruits watches may not change your life, but it may just help you to change your mood.  Get your Chi on, with a Fruits watch!

Tissot Watches Offer Elegance And Affordability

Tissot Watches, founded in 1853, produced the first-ever production pocket watches. Their innovation did not stop there…the luxury watchmaker has since produced beautiful designs, rich in texture and style. Among these are timepieces crafted of materials like mother-of-pearl, wood, and even rock.

Artistically, Tissot Watches excel, but pairing that with new and creative technology, really sets Tissot apart. Implementing the, first ever, T-Touch technology is a shining example of the dedication to craftsmanship that Tissot exemplifies.

Tactile touch technology, or T-Touch allows the wearer to, simply, touch the face of the watch to alter the function. This invention marks a true milestone in watch making history.

Tissot’s T-Touch watches are designed for everyone. There are sporty styles with colorful, rubber bands to classic gold, silver, and platinum creations. T-Touch series comes in both men’s and woman’s versions and with enough options to suit most any taste.

With all the accolades, you would think the prices would be out of reach, but Tissot offers watches for any pocketbook. Tissot produces nearly 2 million watches per year and offers tons of options. The T34.1.481.14 Tissot PR50 Men’s Watch is a beautiful example of their desire to offer the consumer a quality watch at a reasonable price. This watch retails for just $146.25. On the other end of the spectrum is the T71.3.445.11 Tissot T-Touch Men’s Watch. This watch is a masterpiece of design, offering T-Touch technology, with leather band and gold dial and accents. The T71.3.445.11 retails for $6,495.00.

No matter your taste or budget, it’s clear that Tissot has a watch for you. You can’t go wrong with one of these fine watches, and with so many options offered, the only problem you will encounter is choosing the one you want.