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Oris Fast Lane Watches

Oris's TT3 Racing Watch Moves

If you are a true watch enthusiast you have definitely heard of Oris.  This famous maker of all mechanical watches has been around since 1904, and has built their reputation through hard work and ingenuity.  Their collection of professional timekeeping instruments is unmatched in quality.  Oris takes in to account the needs of real professional Divers, Aviators, And Drivers, and infuses these elements into their creations.  The results are amazing.  The Oris TT3 Chronograph Black is a great example of how they meet the needs of the Motor Sport world.  This is a bold, black, beautiful men’s watch.  The dial of this watch is sporty, with a black on black checkerboard pattern, and is encased in strong jet black plated Titanium.  The Oris TT3 is equipped with a mechanical chronograph movement, which will keep this watch running reliably.  The bracelet is crafted of a combination of strong stainless-steel and durable rubber, also in black.  Seems like a lot of black going on, but trust me, it works!  This watch by Oris is handsome and sleek in design.  The features mimic aspects of a formula one car, and the inner workings of this fast-paced men’s watch make it take off!  This Oris TT3 is the perfect pick for professional drivers…or just a guy with exceptional taste.

Oris Shines For Women, Too

Oris's Beautiful Women's Rectangular Diamond Watch


I think today, I’ll introduce you to Oris for women.  Yes, Oris makes fantastic and stunning women’s watches.  As with all the Oris lines, the Oris Rectangular Date Diamond Women’s Watch is packed with every bit of Oris ingenuity and traditional quality.  

This watch, like many of Oris’s watches is a unique design.  The rectangular dial has an art-deco resemblance, making it hip and chic.  There are four different versions of this timepiece, but my personal pick is the 01 561 7621 4964-07 8 16 75 stainless-steel.  This watch has a multi-piece stainless-steel case, topped with 42 glimmering diamonds.  The dial is jet black and is in perfectly glamorous contrast to the shiny stainless-steel case.  The hours are marked in graceful, overlapping script, giving off an artistic feel.  The bracelet is crafted of highly-polished stainless-steel and is equipped with a butterfly folding clasp. 

The Oris Rectangular Date Diamond watch is a automatic self-winding, with a bi-directional rotating red rotor (Oris’s signature).  It is water-resistant to 160 feet, but I doubt you will wear this lovely watch in the pool.  You will, however wear it everywhere else.  This is an Oris and made with precision and quality.  

This Oris women’s watch is elegant and understated, but if you desire a more sporty look…check out the black or white dial watches, that come with matching black or white leather bracelets.  Any way you cut it, this is a luxurious, well-made timepiece.

Oris Watches Are Timeless

Oris Creates Exceptional Timepieces

Oris was founded in the charming city of Holstein in 1904, and continues to create mechanical marvels from this small Swiss town.  Oris manufactures some of the most mechanically advanced timepieces in the world from their ever-evolving factory.  At the heart of their watches lies the red rotor.  This patented piece of equipment is what allowed their watches to go from hand-winding to automatic movement, and the vibrant red color is distinctive to Oris watches.

The Oris lines include the Motor Sport, The Diver, The Aviation, and the Culture series.  Each featuring different esthetics, but all carrying the Oris reputation.  Accuracy reigns supreme for Oris and each of their lines puts that concept first.

The Oris TT3 Chronograph is a boldly handsome watch.  It is made from a multi-piece titanium case and stainless-steel bracelet, with black PVD plating.  It has a dial of black carbon fiber, and formula-one styling.  This watch is black on black and has a very masculine appeal.

One of the watches from the Divers series is the Oris Divers Titan Chronograph.  This amazing watch partners all the features required on a professional divers watch with the functionality of chronographic movement.  Its super-luminous hands are displayed on a jet black dial.  This watch is stainless-steel and titanium, with screw-in security crown, screw-in pushers, and Helium valve.  It is water resistant to, an astounding 3281 ft.

Oris has not been making watches for as long as some of the major Swiss Watchmakers, but they are not behind the times.  They put out real working pieces of machinery.  Oris watches are on the cutting edge of technology and design.  Check out one of their unique creations, today.

Watches are Getting Bigger as the Dollar Shrinks

Big watchesWhen it comes to watches, especially luxury watches, customers want to get what they pay for.  With the value of the dollar shrinking, many smart watch companies are making their watches bigger.  Even if it is just psychological, the average person still things bigger is better.

Take, for example, the Oris Aviation Big Crown watch.  The name says it all.  This men’s watch features a plexi-domed sapphire crystal over a stainless steel case that measures an impressive 44mm in diameter.  With a wide selection of strap and bracelet options, an automatic winding movement, and a Guilloche anti-reflective black dial, these watches are a great example of an oversized crown.

Another aptly named watch is the Concord C1 Big Date, with a case that measures 44cm in diameter.  Its exacting construction houses over 40 individual parts, including a rubber coated ring that is there to protect it from scratches.  These massive and striking men’s watches have a fluted screw-down crown that is crafted from rubber, steel and composite materials.

Lastly, from Jaeger LeCoultre comes the Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph which, while it doesn’t have the word “Big” in its name, comes in at a hearty 46.3mm in diameter.  This is one of those watches that looks like it is made for action; with a black rubber strap, black dial, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Oris Swiss Watches One Hundred Year History

Over one hundred years ago, a couple of watchmakers from Holstein, Switzerland got together and created an extraordinary timepiece. They did this by taking over a closed watch factory and turning it into the Oris watch company that we know and love today.

By the year 1921, this new watch company already had ten watch factories spread across Switzerland, and it was time to start turning their pocket watches into wristwatches. Decades later, it is easy to see that their clean, no-nonsense interpretation of the wristwatch is what has set Oris apart from other watch makers.

In the 1940’s, Oris started making clocks, which dramatically increased sales for the company, as they became a pioneer in making clocks with an 8-day power supply.

By 1965, Oris was considered one of the ten biggest watch manufacturers in all of Switzerland, and it was then that the Oris automatic movement was born. This innovation was what spawned production of the famous Oris 645 self-winding movement.

Oris continues to improve upon its designs from the 70’s, like the Chronoris, which was the company’s first foray into chronograph watches. To this day, some of the most iconic and sophisticated Swiss watches are made by this legendary company that started in Holstein Switzerland over 100 years ago.