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Omega Watches Reach For The Stars

Omega Watches Offered In Beautiful Blue

There is no denying that Omega watches exude style and success.  Their strength is in their reputation, as well as their designing.  An Omega watch is a solid investment in a timepiece, which should last you for years to come.  The makers never create “over the top” styles, which are trendy, they stick to what they do best…sophisticated quality.  The Omega Men’s Constellation is a wonderful example of this timeless architecture.  One version offers a slate blue dial, with clean lines, featuring only a date window and simple indexes.  The bezel is steel and adorned with stamped Roman numerals.  The case back is a screw in style, which adds to the water resistance of the watch.  The sizing is medium, with a case diameter of 32 mm.  This men’s watch from Omega is Swiss Quartz movement and battery operated.  It is water resistant to 50 meters.  The blue dial is complimented by a brushed steel case and bracelet.  The bracelet features a deployment buckle, for added safety.  This is a moderately priced watch from Omega, retailing for just over $1,300, but like I mentioned, it is a high quality Swiss watch, with the Omega reputation, firmly behind it.  There is nothing missing, with this men’s timepiece…make your next watch, an Omega.

Omega Watches, Beautiful And Elegant

Omega Watches Lovely De Ville Line

Omega produces a prestigious line of watches.  Omega watches have traveled to the moon and to the deepest depths of the ocean.  They have timed the Olympic Games for 20 years, but Omega’s true accomplishments can be admired by you and I any day of the week.  Omega has some wonderful collections, like the ladies De Ville.  One of my picks in this series is the De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph.  The 422. Women’s watch by Omega is a real work of art.  The look is completely stylish and unique, but let’s check out the brains first.  This is a self-winding chronograph and a certified chronometer.  The Co-Axial name refers to the mechanics that create greater performance and precision.  This women’s watch is equipped with a sweeping small second hand, hour hand, and minute hand, with a chronograph hand, centrally located.  The De Ville features a 52 hour power reserve. 

Now, the beauty.  This Omega watch is a lovely design, with a rich brown dial surrounded by a beautiful 18 carat rose gold case.  The dial is lit up by some brilliant round-cut diamonds, and the watch face is matched with a luxurious brown alligator leather strap.  This is a fantastic Omega watch!

Nicole Kidman Wears Omega Watches

Nicole Kidman, Omega Watch Ambassador

Omega watches have long been admired by me.  Omega has distinguished themselves as a solid, high-quality watchmaker, and I appreciate their elegant style as well as their craftsmanship.  Visit the Omega website and you’ll find that I’m not the only fan.  They have high profile Ambassadors, such as George Clooney, Michael Phelps, and Nicole Kidman.


Nicole has been an Omega watch Ambassador since 2005 and proudly wears the Seamaster Planet Ocean.  This beautiful women’s watch comes in either white or black leather strap, with our without chronographic function.  My favorite is the steel yellow-gold watch, with a white leather bracelet.  Gorgeous!

The signature Omega watch logo is displayed in yellow-gold along with the hands and hour/minute arms.  This watch is a Chronometer with a unidirectional rotating bezel.  The dial is embellished with sparkling diamonds that bring life to this watch.  The snow-white crocodile embossed leather bracelet looks amazing with the polished silver and gold-tone accents.

Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean has the classic Omega watch appeal, with a bit of flare. Of course, all of the innovation and quality Swiss watchmaking have gone into this watch, as well.  In this case, beauty and functionality compete.  Great choice, for Nicole…or you.

Omega Watches Are Out Of This World

Omega, Official Olympic Timekeeper

Omega Watches have been  premier watchmakers for decades.  The Omega Watch name stands for quality and style.  Innovation and state-of-the-art technology define Omegas philosophy, and these principles continue to push this company into the forefront of their field.

The Omega Watch logo has long been associated with excellence.  In 1999 Omega unveiled its first wristwatch featuring their Co-Axial mechanical movement.  This is, quite simply the most advanced, well-made mechanical watch movements in the world, and just one of Omegas accomplishments.

Omega Watches have been to the moon and back, literally.  In 1969 the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph was the first watch to travel to the moon, with Buzz Aldrin…and the speedmaster continues to be a standard piece of equipment on all space missions. 

As the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932, Omega is dedicated to maintaining their exceptional reputation.  Reflecting on the innovations in official timekeeping and creating technologies to accommodate for those advances has been a tireless effort by Omega.  The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, and will mark the 80th year that Omega has served as the official timekeeper.

If the Omega watch is good enough for the astronauts and Olympic athletes…I’m pretty sure they make a timepiece to my standards.  Omega…timeless, quality.

Watch Sales Find Omega At Great Prices

Omega Watch Sales are a great find for anyone looking for a fine watch at the best price.  On-line searches of Omega watches can produce substantial savings for a savvy shopper.

A recent sale highlighted several Omega styles such as the Men’s Constellation Perpetual Calendar Steel Yellow-Gold watch for the super sale price of $545.00.  That’s a savings of $295.00 off the list price of $840.00.  The Omega Constellation Perpetual Calendar Steel Yellow-Gold watch is from the Constellation line and is one of Omega’s signature styles.

Another fantastic deal was on the Omega Women’s Constellation Automatic Champagne Gold Cindy Crawford Watch.   The 1292.10.00 Omega Women’s Constellation Automatic Champagne Gold Cindy Crawford Watch is being offered for $465.00, an astounding 33% off the list price of $690.00.

The Omega Constellation series is the cornerstone of Omega design.  Showing off the craftsmanship and attention to style has made Omega the premier watchmakers they are today.  Finding these quality timepieces and incredible prices makes owning one all the more sweet.

Omega Watches Fans: Get Your Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Liquidmetal®”

That’s right, Omega Watches has released an historic limited edition Seamaster model, and it is the watch company to offer a watch that bonds Liquidmetal® with ceramics.

What makes this launch such big news for Omega Watches?

The ceramic elements of the watch, along with the Liquidmetal® alloy components, are an excellent combination for divers because of their incredible resistance to corrosion. In addition, the ceramic diving bezel uses Liquidmetal® for its numbers and scaling, which provide a stunning contrast against the black ceramic background.

Omega Watches is known for its consistent ability to innovate, which is how the company has remained at the forefront of performance luxury watch making for several decades. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal® Limited Edition uses another revolutionary Omega Invention – the Co-Axial calibre 2500 movement, which has long been celebrated for its long term performance and chronometric technology.

This extraordinary new timepiece is just another example of how Omega Watches continues to reinvent the diver’s chronograph. In honor of the year when the Seamaster watch line first launch, Omega Watches will create only 1948 pieces in this limited edition. If you want to own a piece of Omega Watches history, be sure to get your limited edition Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal® before they sell out.

Omega Shines with Phelps and Rosolino

After much drama and analysis over bathing suits and world records, Michael Phelps, Ambassador for Omega watches, won against Serbian Milorad Cavic, who had become quite the rival. Phelps not only beat Cavic but became the first swimmer ever to break 50 seconds in 100 meter butterfly. The Serbian swimmer had earlier this month, also broken the 50 second mark, but Phelps swam faster at the Foro Italico race with a time of 49.82 seconds.

The reason this race and rivalry has received so much attention is two-fold. Since last year’s Beijing Olympics in this same 100 meter event, Cavic, who lost to Phelps by one-hundredth of a second, has maintained that the Omega timing systems were faulty and that he actually touched first and should have won the gold medal. Then came the recent insults about bathing suits, with Cavic offering to get Phelps one of the supposedly faster polyurethane suits, like the Arena-X Glide that he wears. But it seems that Phelps in his American-made Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit did just fine indeed.

After the race, the two rivals finally shook hands and Cavic did say one thing to Phelps: “You’re the man.”

Another amazing swimmer to join the Omega team is 30 year-old Italian Massimiliano Rosolino, becoming the company’s newest spokesperson.  

Omega signed Rosolino at the perfect time, since he will undoubtedly be one of the main stars at the next World Championships in Rome 2009. Omega will also be the official timekeeper of these games. Rosolino, who hails from Naples, always wears the Omega Seamaster that has his name inscribed on the back and which was given to him as a gift after his 2000 victory in Sydney. Rosolino has said that he loves Omega watches because “they express the good taste of those who wear them.”

Omega Luxury Watches


Omega Moon Watch
Omega Moon Watch

Omega watches are spectacular works of horologic art. Their most popular collection called the “Planet Ocean” has been featured in a variety of movies as well as on many celebrities’ wrists. The Planet Ocean is a diving watch that professionals use when scuba diving. It has an impressive water resistance up to 600 meters below sea-level. The rotating bezel allows divers to keep track of the amount of oxygen available to them at any given moment.

Omega also manufactures a mechanical watch designed for NASA space flight. The Omega Professional Moon Watch has a variety of features that distinguish it from any other timepiece. The mechanical movement does not feature a pendulum like ordinary automatic Omega watches. Scientists did not know how an automatic movement with a pendulum would respond to 0 gravity conditions. The special Hesalite crystal provides extreme protection for the most extreme conditions. After undergoing rigorous testing alongside competitor timepieces from Bulova, Rolex and Tag Heuer, Omega was bestowed with the privilege of being the first and only watch ever taken to the moon

Omega is also regarded highly by the official Olympic Committee. For this reason they the brand is the official time keeper for the Olympic Games. Omega has developed high-tech ways of measuring time for the special event. They have cameras that are synchronized to digital chronograph watches. By capturing high speed images of any event, omega can prove the precision of their time keeping instruments.

Whether is 600 meters below sea level, or on the moon, Omega Watches are incredible precision time-keeping instruments.

Omega Aqua Terra Luxury Watch

If not for the engineering and technical expertise behind each piece, the allure of designer watches usually comes from the luxury that they represent. The luxe factor accounts for many things – the stratospheric price tags, the elite clientele and the premium materials that go into each watch. The Omega Aqua Terra collection – the newest one from the prestigious company – has not just Omega’s signature expertise but also oodles of luxe. omega-aqua-terra-silver

Face value isn’t exactly a shallow factor with this collection of watches. Top Wesselton diamonds make up each of the hour markers for a total of almost 0.2 karats of precious rock. Another 44 diamonds – almost 0.8 karats of rock – are installed in the bezel. And instead of the teak concept used for the Aqua Terra collection, the Aqua Terra Jewelry line has vertically set diamonds to highlight the face.

Luxury goes from inside out in the Aqua Terra Luxury Watch line. The 30mm case of each watch is made from 18-karat white gold, matched by the 18-karat white gold bracelets. Each of the watches in the collection is an intimidating piece once it weighs in – there’s a total of about 18 karats’ worth of Top Wesselton diamonds in each timepiece. The highest end of the line is a watch that has over 1,400 Top Wesselton diamonds weighing over 17.5 karats.

Another one of the models in the collection has a case in white gold that’s set all throughout with over three dozen diamond baguettes totaling 1.32 karats. 1,560 more diamonds account for another 14 karats of weight. The third and last model in this collection has 726 diamonds for a total weight of over 7 karats.

omega-aqua-terra-blackIf the price tag is too high for you, the Aqua Terra collection has models available with a design – and a price tag – that’s a little less luxurious. Those models will have straps made of less premium materials. They will, for example, have stainless steel bracelets and cases instead of the classic gold. Even if you won’t be wearing 18 karats on your wrist, you can rest assured that you’re still getting the same quality that the Omega name represents.