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The Movado Kara 0605283 Doesn’t Shine

Movado Kara Lacks That Special Something

The Movado Women’s Kara Watch #0605283 is a well made watch, don’t get me wrong.  I’m actually a big Movado fan, but I think that this watch falls short.  It does have all the proper components, yet for me the look is lacking.  Movado is known for their minimalistic styling, but this women’s timepiece is a bit drab.  Even though the dial of 0605283 Kara watch comes in a pale and beautiful shade of blue…I believe that the designers could have added a bit more oomph, ya know? 

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the Movado Women’s Kara Watch #0605283, in case you decide to disagree with my taste.  The dial is presented in blue Mother-of-Pearl.  It is your standard Museum dial that we are used to, and is cases in stainless-steel, which has been polished.  The Swiss quartz movement keeps the cost down, but this watch still retails for just around $200.  Movado has used a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal and made this women’s watch water resistant to 30 meters. 

While it is not a bad watch by any means, the Movado Women’s Kara Watch #0605283 comes as a bit of a disappointment to me, because of its lack of originality.

Movado’s Kara, Summer’s Most Graceful Accessory

Movado's Lovely Kara Watch

Leave it to Movado to bring out the perfect, lightweight summer watch.  Most of this Swiss watch makers creations are stream-line and elegant, but the silhouette of the Kara women’s watch is one of the most slender. The Movado Kara is dainty and delicate…it is water resistant to 99 feet, so wearing it to the pool is a definite, yes.  The color palette is shiny and fresh, as well.  One of the Kara women’s watches offers a pink dial, which goes beautifully with the polished steel case and bracelet.  The sizing of this jewelry style watch is small, making it a perfect accompaniment to you other summer bangles.  The watch comes with a screw down case back and push in style crown, all crafted in stainless-steel.  As with all Movado watches, the Kara women’s watch is made with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  The Kara watch is a Swiss quartz model, and battery operated.  The Kara watches are one of Movado’s more affordable watches, priced just around $260.00.  You can’t beat Movado’s style or quality.  Their women’s designs have timeless appeal and will last for years.  Wear the Movado Kara in pink this summer, and show off your fashion sense.

Movado’s Master Men’s Is Marvelous

Men's Movado Master

The Master Collection by Movado is made up of some of the biggest and boldest designs Movado has ever released.  These watches do have familiar Movado lines, but they have added features and elements, which set them apart, from the traditional Movado look.  The Master men’s watch in large is presented with a round dial, which has a layered and textured styling.  The center of the face has a textured quality, which matches the strap.  The outer portion of the dial features an asymmetrical housing for the hour markers, which are crafted in gray with a black background.  Certainly, the Movado “dot” makes its appearance, and is place in its usual 12 o’clock setting.  The Master Men’s is created with a deep black bezel and an oversized case, which is made from stainless-steel in a highly polished finish.  This is a Swiss Quartz Model, fitted with precision accuracy.  The bold appearance of this men’s watch is complimented by the slim silhouette.   As usual with Movado, comfort and ergonomic design take high priority.  The strap of this timepiece is crafted in textured leather, complete with hidden folding clasp.  Movado’s designs are interesting and unique, and always crafted with care and quality.  You can’t go wrong with a Movado Master.

Movado Dolca, For Her

Movado Dolca, Women Only

Movado has a few of their famous collections, which are reserved just for the ladies.  The Movado Dolca is one of the most elegant.  These sophisticated line of watches, for her are truly unique and sand-out pieces.  The Dolca was created for the modern woman.  It has contemporary lines and a urban appeal.  These women’s timepieces are for the lady who wants to make a statement, and show off her own unique individuality.  The Movado Dolca Women’s watches feature the classic Museum dial, which has been crafted in luxurious Mother-of-Pearl. The dial is surrounded by a highly polished stainless-steel bezel, which has been embellished with sparkling diamonds.  The case on the Dolca is also in shiny steel, and features a screw down case back.  These ladies watches are Swiss Quartz models, offering precision accuracy and low maintenance, and they are water resistant to 99 feet, but where the Dolca really shows off is in the bracelet configuration.  The bracelet styling is inspired by the Museum dial.  The round shape is mimicked throughout the linking, and adds to the overall look of this watch.  Movado has done it again, with the release of the Dolca women’s watches.  Form and function come together, with ease in these wonderful women’s watches.

Movado, Makes So Many Museum’s

Movado Museum Men's Watches

There has been much said about the Movado Museum Watches.  The design, made famous back in the 1960’s has remained on of the most popular and well recognized watch designs, to date.  The Museum dial is one, which Movado has taken on many transformations, through out the years, and it is still a timeless part of their line.  I didn’t realize, until recently, just how many different interpretations there were, of the Movado Museum Men’s watch.  The Movado Men’s Classic Museum watch is offered in a vast array of colors and finishes.  Here we go:  This watch is made with a deep black dial and stainless-steel case and is matched with a black alligator leather strap.  The Classic men’s also comes with an 18 carat gold plated case and black strap.  This watch has a rich brown version, which is 18 carat gold plated and comes with a brown leather strap.  These watches are all Swiss Quartz models, and water resistant to 99 feet.  The Museum Men’s even has an all white model, complete with white leather straps.  Of course, Movado made a solid stainless-steel Museum Watch.  It features a black dial, and a highly polished steel link bracelet.  And believe it or not, Movado even has a Museum watch, with numbers.  The Movado Museum, who knew there were so many to choose from?

A Movado For Dad

Movado Watches For Father's Day

Movado watches are Swiss luxury, at its artistic finest.  This watch maker knows style and their creations have been appealing to us for many, many years.  A Movado watch makes the perfect pick for Father’s Day.  A gift like this is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face, and with so many great choices, you’re certain to find one that suites him.  If you just aren’t sure of his style, and want to go with a sure thing, go for the Movado Classic Museum watch.  These men’s watches can’t be beat for their style and the look will always be in fashion.  This iconic design has been around since the 1960’s, and has yet to grow old.  If you love Movado, but desire something a bit out of the ordinary for this occasion, check out one of Movado’s new bold watches.  The Bold Collections are bigger and more flamboyant than the traditionally elegant Museum.  They offer color and pizzazz for that special man, which is interesting, and they are still Swiss quality Movado watches.  Whatever choice you make, choosing a Movado for Father’s Day is smart and savvy.  This company makes high quality watches, and they offer them at quite reasonable pricing.

Movado Museum, Make Your Graduate Smile

It’s graduation time and you know what that means…gifts.  You want to get that hard working graduate the perfect gift, to show them how proud you are of them, so why not a fabulous Movado watch.  Movado watches make the best graduation gifts, they are stylish and well made and they won’t break the bank!  The Swiss luxury watch maker knows you treasure quality and affordability, so they give us both, consistently.  Authentically designed watches are Movado’s specialty, and no better example of that, than the Men’s Classic Museum watch.  Movado Museum watch has an iconic style and appeal, and makes a great gift.  The 0606086 Men’s Quartz model is battery operated and precision accurate.  It comes with a black Museum dial, complete with the famous Movado “dot”.  It has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and an 18 carat gold plated case.  The case backing is a screw in style, and it features a push in crown.  The Movado Men’s Museum is water resistant to 99 feet.  Wearing it on that first job interview will give your graduate confidence, and an appearance of refinement, and knowing you got it for under $350.00 will give you a sense of accomplishment.  Give a Movado Museum!

Movado, Bela is Lovely

Movado's Beautiful Watches

In recent years Movado, like many other watch makers have had to step up their game.  The rough economy has taken a toll on sales for all, and Movado took notice.  The Swiss watch maker is smart and savvy.  They have never over priced their watches, and that is a plus when money is tight.  Movado offers beautiful watches and jewelry, creatively designed, at affordable prices.  Along with their main collections, Movado has been busy developing new products, which take their styling in some different and quite interesting directions.  They now offer us designs with elaborately displayed dials, and larger, bolder watches.  Movado has broadened their scope artistically, to keep up with the times.  Never trendy, Movado remains the solid, quality watch maker they have always been, they just added a bit of flare to their mainly minimalistic creations, but I have to say that I still love the classic Movado.  The Belamoda 606263 is a beautiful and graceful design by Movado.  It has a delicate round dial, which is mimicked throughout the bracelet.  This version is in a polished stainless-steel, and tastefully adorned with sparkling diamonds.  It’s a Quartz model, with the traditional black Museum face, and it’s elegant.  Movado…no bad choices!

Movado’s New Looks

Colorful Movado Series 800

There’s no doubt that Movado creates beautiful watches, all with an artistic flare.  The styling of their pieces follows the lines of fine jewelry making, with an edge.  Movado’s designs have wide range appeal, because of their streamline silhouettes and their minimalism.  These timepieces aren’t necessarily trendy, yet they are never out of fashion.  The innovators at Movado keep things fresh by dressing up their Museum dial in an array of interesting ways.  The new Series 800 Collection takes the Museum watch to a new level of elegance.  Timepieces for both men and women, the Series 800 are a collection of glamorous and luxuriously detailed watches.  Unlike the traditionally unadorned watch faces of the past, the Series 800 watches are loaded with tastefully displayed dials.  These watches have a lot going on inside and out.  The dials are not only displayed with numbers and indexes…they are colored vibrantly.  The faces come in the standard white, black, and steel…but are also presented in vibrant hues of red, orange, blue, and yellow.  The Movado “dot” still has a strong presence in these watches, so you definitely know you have a quality piece, but the entire architecture has been updated, with pleasing elements.  See the Series 800 and all the new Movado collections.

Movado Folio, Maybe Your First Watch

Movado Folio Men's Watch

Hey guys, if you don’t own a Movado watch yet, maybe the Folio will be your initial investment.  The Movado Folio Men’s watch is traditional Movado styling.  Maybe you just graduated from College, and are starting your career in business, this timepiece will carry you into the office, respectfully, or will take you out to dinner, dressed just right.  The Folio watch is a Swiss Quartz model, by Movado, and is very lightweight despite its gentlemen’s sizing.  The 0690301 Folio Men’s comes featuring a silver or black Museum dial.  The dial in completely undistracted by any embellishments, except for the signature Movado “dot”, which calls to attention that this is a Movado creation.  The crystal is a scratch resistant sapphire, and the case elements are crafted in 18 carat plated gold.  The case back is a screw in style, and the crown is a push in, for easy adjustments to the time.  The Folio has a black, genuine leather strap, with a hidden folding clasp, making for a handsome combination.  This men’s watch is water resistant for 99 feet, and can be purchased for under $500.00.  The Folio is a watch you can be proud to wear, and it will last…because it’s a Movado.