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The Michele Women’s Attitude Diamond Lavender Alligator Watch

Michele's Lovely Lavender Watch

Talk about a watch that will make you want to stand up and strut your stuff…that’s the Michele Women’s Attitude Diamond Lavender Alligator watch. This ladies timepiece is purple, and that’s the biggest part of its appeal.  That eye-popping color gets your attention, but Michele watches has presented it in a really classy and sophisticated fashion.  The Michele Women’s Attitude Diamond Lavender Alligator watch runs about $1,500, but it is so well-made and beautiful that you won’t mind paying a little extra.  The white dial is accented by the Michele logo, as well as some stylishly designed 6 and 12 o’clock hour markers, set with sparkling diamonds.  The shiny stainless-steel case is a great housing for the white and diamond face. 

The Michele Women’s Attitude Diamond Lavender Alligator Watch is lovely and feminine, but don’t expect to wear this watch while swimming.  It only has a water resistance rating for 30 meters.  Not to worry, you won’t want to get this timepiece anywhere near the chlorine.  It is made for flashing around on dry land.  The Michele Women’s Attitude Diamond Lavender Alligator watch is a great addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.  The pretty lavender color of the bracelet will compliment more outfits than you can imagine, heck you might just wear it into next winter…lavender and black, tres chic.

Michele Watches Offers Up a Black Jelly Bean

Michele Watches Black Jelly Bean Watch

Michele Watches is the proud maker of fine women’s watches.  All of their designs are elegant and feminine and all are crafted with the best materials.  These Swiss made watches will stand the test of time, and look great doing it.  If you are looking for an affordable line of Michele watches…I may have just the timepiece for you.  Michele Watches Tahitian Jelly Bean Model #MWW12D000012 is bold and beautiful and won’t break the bank.

The Michele Watches Tahitian Jelly Bean Model #MWW12D000012 is offered in black.  The black dial is accented by gold lettering.  Since this is a Quartz chronograph, the subdials are also outlined in gold.  The bezel on this Michele watch is crafted in black ceramic and accented with the Michele name.  The case is crafted of strong gold plated stainless-steel and sparkles with the black dial and bezel.  This watch, like many of Michele’s creations is fitted with a sapphire crystal, which keeps the dial clear and safe, and the watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

You would think a watch like this would cost you a pretty penny, but this Michele creation retails for under $300.00, making it affordable and irresistible to any fashionable woman.

Michele Watches Given Away on Ellen Show

It was a high point for Michele watches as well as for everyone that was in the audience for the Ellen DeGeneres Show, commonly known as “Ellen.”ellen_logo

For 12 days during December there is a different give away each day for members in the audience and a few days ago, the crowd scored when Ellen announced that everyone in the audience would get a $2,000 Michele watch! On her wrist Ellen had a white women’s watch from the Tahitian collection (see image below) and offered to the audience were white, black and pink watches, all sporty chronographs with 200 hundred diamonds.

This is better than any watches sale any day!

These are truly funky and fashionable watches and the crowd roared with enthusiasm. The bands and cases are made from ceramic, giving the watch a very cool look and quite similar to the much higher-priced Chanel J12 watch.

Michele watches are made for women, with women in mind. The company is a family run business and was named after one of the daughters.

Tahitian whiteThe Michele brand offers a diverse and extensive collection of women’s watches, for all different moods and scenarios. One of the best things about them is that there is just as big a selection of straps, so that you can easily change the look of your one watch by using different straps.

Time to Go: Send Them Off with a Watch

Eighteen years at home and your kid is about to leave for his first day of college. You’re either rejoicing your new found freedom and independence again or weeping at the thought that you’re baby is all grown up. Like any parent, you’re probably a mixture of both feelings.

Either way, if you’re looking for the perfect “send off” gift, get him or her a cool, designer watch. A good, solid watch will come in handy in many ways. First of all, every time they look at it, they’ll think of you! Second, they won’t have an excuse to be late to class. Third, watches last a lifetime; it’s the gift that won’t ever stop giving; it can one day be something that your son or daughter will be able to pass on to their own children. And fourth, (again, back to you), your baby will think you’re super cool if you get them a watch that they’ll feel cool wearing.

Whether it’s a top notch watch like Bvlgari, Cartier, Baume & Mercier, or something less expensive (Gucci watches are priced well), like a Tissot, Omega or Movado watch.

A great, fun watch for young women is anything and everything by Michele watches. For young men, try a sporty watch, like a T-Touch by Tissot or a Raymond Weil.

Whatever you choose, remember these two things when weighing your options. #1: don’t pay retail and #2: don’t buy a replica.

Oh and lastly, don’t go with some cheese ball watch from a celebrity’s line. Why people like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton even bother to design watches they think people will buy is beyond me, but I can tell you, that it’s definitely not cool for your college-bound baby to sport something designed for teenagers.